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Sunday, 20 March 2016

First Visit to East Europe Boys

Here is this week's first of two postings from regular contributor East Europe Boys. Links are provided below for the convenience of visitors, and to respect East Europe Boys intellectual ownership.

TIM (part 2)
The punishment of Tim continues a with more a vigorous and painful beatings of his ass with the leather belt before taking a hand spanking.

ZDENEK NO. (part 2)
Zdenek has to continue to endure his just and well deserved punishment, with the second instrument he chose. After having been put into position, Zdenek is severely spanked with a wooden bath brush, which is then followed by a severe spanking by hand


While Andreas was leaving, the owner enters, demanding his full rent from Adam, because he is the responsible of the rent, when the owner discovers he will not receive his rent he severely punishes Adam

Links are provided to respect the intellectual property rights of the creator these images



  1. So much nicer when they wear socks!

  2. my advice to the man who owns these websites... If you want to draw more fans to your content try and train some more tops/spankers.

    Seeing the same thing again gets boring almost every studio changes the spankers once in a pink moon.

  3. I gotta second the above comment poster.

  4. Every studio does things differently. It shouldn't be swept under the rug that this guy is a damn good spanker. He's stern, calm, and delivers hard swats with a variety of implements to deserving young men. It's his show and he runs it, and he never has a shortage of cute dudes to spank.

  5. So wouldn't pay for these as they are to samey for me , I prefer a variety of scenes and costumes.

    1. Post that comment on another studio and it wouldn't be posted or you would be told that your are juding these clips based on your own preference I always get told that.

    2. You are right Anonymous 10:58, we probably should not have let Anonymous 15.41's comment through, as it is unfair.

      Most spanking studios are not mainline producers with huge budgets to spend, they produce what they can within the limits of what is affordable. Many people enjoy what they produce, but if you want more, you have to accept you will have to pay a lot more.

    3. Dear Ward , Its pointless just letting the comments through you agree with as it would not be a true reflection on the views of the Viewers . Have you not heard about Film Critics and open fair debate!

    4. Thank you Robin someone who sees things from my perspective.

      You wouldn't believe the amount of comments I post but don't get let through. (I get that I'm too direct sometimes... I don't dispute that) I always try to explain to Bruce that people should be allowed to post the comments they wish to within reason. If I dare say a spanker is overweight and that isn't attractive to me I get told I'm wrong... Or if I say the spanker didn't Spank hard enough I am told that judging based on my preference... But Ward... you are judging others opinions based on your preference of what yoy think and feel? maybe Ward and Bruce you can see that it's good to have a different kinds of feedback and relax your monitoring of comments so much.

      I leave a lot of comments on the Sting blog as there my favourite and only studio I do really like I do that because I wish to give feedback good or bad not to get at them but because I see potential in the clips everyone has ideas I've had so many ideas I post that people kindly agree with me and feedback is good for studios. Good or bad. :)


  6. "you have to expect criticism whether it's good or bad" - Christina Aguilera

    In the name of any "Art"