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Friday, 11 March 2016

Sting: The Governor's Choice 7 (Part 1)

For the younger inmates getting put on report or being given the Governor's Choice is still an option at Wallensea prison. If a lad takes the option not to go on report he knows the other choice will be corporal punishment, a perfect answer to bad behaviour by younger inmates.

This week during a routine inspection 1842 Miller (James Holt) gets himself in to real trouble. Whilst cleaning the stairs he decides to hurl his mop at the passing Governor. Not a wise thing to do, it'll be straight on report and a certain loss of remission.

Given the choice he wisely takes the second option which will mean a harsh session of punishment laid on by the senior warder Mr Sharpe. When these well build muscular lads act like naughty school boys they get treated like them but more severely. 
To deal with these cocky young inmates the old birching table has been dusted down and put back in to its original position in the punishment room. Miller ordered to strip and lay face down on top, a leather strap fastened across his lower back to hold him in place. This has the advantage of raising his very rounded bare bottom high creating the perfect target.

The freshly made birch is a real stinger! As this fit young inmate feels it being lined up on the protruding crest of his bare buttocks he knows its going to burn. The tightly bound, soaked and whippy birch twigs swish down. The first few strokes are just about bearable but the senior officer has only just got started, by the end the lads naked bottom will be scolding and red raw!

That evening even after the severe birching Miller has to report to the man he decided to throw the broom at. The Governor is going to take this young upstart across his knee like the petulant young boy he is and show him whose really the boss! No matter he thinks he a grown up hunk now he's in for a good spanking then sent back to bed.



Links are provided out of respect for Sting's intellectual property ownership


  1. Beautiful lads and smoking HOT pics and video!

  2. Got to agree, it really looks like a prison and not another back bedroom! These guys are really hunky hunks!

  3. Nice they have a radiator in the punishment room, though. You know... just in case he gets too cold...