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Friday, 18 March 2016

Sting: The Housemaster's Study (Episode 3)


Mock exams time is here again but there are always on or two who haven't done the work and think they can get away with just cheating.

On of those is Michael Robinson (Mark Lewis) who has been caught and is about to knock on the Housemaster's door to explain himself!

Having no real excuse to offer he must except the fact that he has to be punished. Mr Sharpe (Marco) his Housemaster is no push over and soon young Michael finds himself over the masters knee. Scolding a lads bare bottom till its red raw is a traditional punishment for wayward students.

The flat of Mr Sharpe's hard hitting hand will burn in an urgent message to behave! Michael can only endure the stinging slaps hoping it will be over quickly. However, even at the end of his spanking Mr Sharpe has other plans for poor Michael's now overly heated rear end!

Ordered to bend right over the back of a chair it now the black leather strap that's setting the boys butt cheeks on fire. Michael's little bare bottom is fiery red and very sore, thoughts of cheating again are far from him mind.


Meanwhile in another Housemaster's study Doug Ridgeway (new Stinglad Pedro Donatello) is handing over some highly illegal pills that he's been selling. He's in big trouble!
His Housemaster (Johann Volny) has given him the option of either informing his parents or receiving punishment there and then. Although he knows it'll mean a very sore backside, young Doug wisely opts to get the punishment over with quickly.

The spanking proceeds and its a first time for this senior lad. His Housemaster certainly prefers the boys to opt for corporal punishment and he intends to make sure this would be junior drug dealer doesn't forget his punishment in a hurry.

Its a very serious infringement of the rules so Mr Volny decides to let young Doug sample both the leather strap and his swishy rattan cane. In this way he hopes that he'll really remember next time he's tempted to try selling illegal narcotics to other lads.

The bands of fire from the strap are bad enough but counting out the biting rattan cane strokes is definitely making Doug think again. The only pills he'll need after this are pain killers!

Links are provided out of respect for Sting's intellectual property ownership





  1. Mark has got a well whipped butt. Very nice styling Sting.

  2. I love the camera angle on this set. Legs spread and totally exposed!

    1. How it should always be. :)

  3. Pedro has a sweet little ass that looks perfect OTK.

  4. I know Johann Volny refuses to take a spanking, but it would be great to see him get a pain in the butt in some other way. My fantasy would be for one of the naughtyu boys to put a thumb tack (drawing pin) on Housemaster Volny's chair making him jump up clutching his ass. Naturally he then punishes the boy with extra relish.

    Does anyone else like that idea?

  5. Nice idea Noodle! But I think someday we'll see Volny get his comeuppance. It's only a matter of time before the devilishly clever and persuasive filmmakers at Sting convince Johann that it's in his own interest to have his bottom spanked, even if it's only a few gentle smacks. Be patient.

    1. You have to consider the cost of what Johan will ask for personally he is best as a top.

      I think Sting have said that if this happened it would be a very costly shoot.