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Friday, 4 March 2016

Sting: Joy Ride


When young Jamie (Paul Wolfe) is accused of taking and driving his Uncles John's car it suddenly becomes not his best day. Its known he is mad on cars but he has yet to get a licence. His Uncle had kindly lent the car to Jamie's Dad while his was being fixed. Now he is really not a happy man to hear of the unnecessary damage caused by this reckless act.

His nephew must be punished and John is not the sort of man who believes in just a good talking to. Jamie is going over his knee, shorts down for a good bare bottom spanking. 

The pleading of the boy that he didn't didn't do it has no effect and his smooth little backside merely gets redder with each searing slap! 

Its only when Uncle John picks up the boys carpet slipper to deliver more scorching whacks that he learns its not actually Jamie's fault but his older brother Robin!

In an attempt to hide the truth after damaging the vehicle Robin (Travis McKinnon) had quickly replaced the car keys to where he had found them. He had led his Dad astray by suggesting it was Jamie that had taken the car. He had got his younger brother in to a lot of trouble. Jamie had been unfairly punished for something he didn't do. He was no angel either but the situation had to be put right.

Now although older Robin must be punished too! It seemed only right that although a young adult he should receive the same comeuppance as his younger brother. It was further arranged that Jamie could witness his older brother's punishment to try to balance the injustice already done.



Robin was to get a bare bottom spanking too, then be ordered to bend over for Dads leather strap. He hadn't endured this for sometime but now this muscular young man was to feel the burning sting of discipline once again on his bare backside.

Totally naked and watched over with much enjoyment but his younger brother. For Robin it wasn't so much the burning sting on his bottom but the humiliation of his little brother happily looking on that made the punishment so much worse!



Links are provided out of respect for Sting's intellectual property ownership



  1. HOT!! Domestic spankings over the knee are my personal favorites, especially with a witness present. It's nice to see this from Sting.

  2. love the younger brother watching with a coy grin as the older one gets served up a big painful slice of humble pie. very hot.

  3. Adorable and incredibly hot, Paul Wolfe is back again at Sting Pictures, looking better than ever! A terrific picture, first Paul over the knee and then, kneeling down on the bed, magnificent rear in the air! Later, Travis in another great clip. Looks like he's lost some weight and is hotter than ever! More Wolf, Black, McKinnon, Valance, please Rich!

  4. Paul Wolfe just takes it so well! I would have protested much more if my older brother had got me into this sort of trouble!

    Would love to see Paul taking a caning!

    Travis also good as usual in this video!