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Thursday, 31 March 2016

Sting: Sports Report 6


The sports reports are not looking good for several important members of the team. Too much slacking and not enough proper training has seriously taken its toll. Its become anything but a winning team combination and the Manager needs to take urgent action. He has his ways of course, all slightly off the record but it certainly works and in the past has brought the team back on track!

On his return from a cold and snowy run and workout Kenny Benson (Joey Whyte) decides to take a quick nip from a bottle of vodka he has secreted away. 
He is caught red handed by Luke Taylor (Travis McKinnon) the junior Coach. 
Not in a mood to hear excuses Luke takes Kenny in to the back of the gym for one of his own personal disciplinary workouts, a good spanking! The young Coaches muscular hand collides hard and rhythmically with Kenny's bare bottom.

No amount of alcohol will take the pain away from this senior lads spanking!

However now the white training plimsol, with its biting India rubber sole, is being prepared to really burn some sense in to Kenny's well scorched muscular bare backside.

Kenny Benson is now a very sore bottomed boy!

The junior Coach Luke has been fairly good at his job but he too is now letting things go.

The Manager wants to stand him down but offers him a deal to keep his job. It means some serious re training with one of the main Coaches (Johann Volny)

He too has his ways and its not long before Luke is over his knee just as Kenny was over his.

The resulting spanking really wakes him up, his bare bottom is red and throbbing, however the Senior Coach has not finished with Luke yet

The second set of pictures from the latest Sting download

Now Mr Volny's thick brown leather tawse is brought in to play. This little stinger soon has Luke yelping his muscular bottom feels like its on fire! Time to re think training strategy, absolutely yes!

Another young sportsman who is also a team captain has really been letting the side down turning up late or not at all! Davis Perez (Jirka Mendez) when challenged cheekily says if he is the captain how can he be sacked. The exasperated Manager tells him if he wants to keep his present position he will have to adopt another position of Coach Sharpe's knee! 

As most lads know Coach Sharpe (Marco) is not to be trifled with. If you are going to get disciplined he's the one to avoid

Unfortunately for young David his now feeling the aching sting of the Coaches right had burning in to his smooth firm rounded bare bottom.

The boys red raw bare buttocks are now to be introduced to Coach Sharpe's thick brown leather ex army belt. 

David, now face down on the gym bench, can only howl as the bands of fire grow more and more painful.

Even soothing cream will not cool the sting in David's tomato red bottom, he'll keep his job but won't sitting on a gym bench so easily for sometime to come! 


Links are provided out of respect for Sting's intellectual property ownership

This download is 36 minutes long



  1. That last boy in the footy kit ... Wow! Hot.

  2. Remember getting that 3 tail tawse as a stroppy and difficult 16 yr. old back in the day - just took it in my stride but it was f*****g painful - he could lay on as many as 25 strokes.

  3. Ooo I know how Joey feels, I always get my boyfriend's church shoe when ever I act up.