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Tuesday, 15 March 2016

The second feature for MHV-192 From Man's Hand Films.- A Fitting Conserquence

Starring Andy Pinecrest and Matt Sumner

 After auditions to be in a movie Andy receives a call back for a screen test and a wardrobe fitting.   The director was pleased with Andy’s look but his attitude seemed to need adjusting.  He was asked to strip and put on the brand new singlet from Andrew Christian, which was his wardrobe for the shoot. 

Andy was not pleased with how it fit and said “This needs to be adjusted!”  He soon found out he would be the one to get ‘adjusted’.  He quickly went over the director’s knee for a sound spanking on the seat of the singlet which, by the way, fit his back-side just right!  Eventually Andy got it on the bare butt.  Later he took the belt on his sore, red, ass.  Finally he went back over the director’s lap to take a closing OTK bare butt spanking.  Needless to say Andy passed the screen test and got the job in this latest Man’s Hand spanking film!

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  1. This has been out since last year I think I did watch this clip... The spanker is quite talented in terms of spanking he knows how to spank hard seldom to see here if your looking for a good spanker look no further and the plus side the spanker isn't overweight seldom to see once again.

  2. I downloaded this film and I would give it an b+ . boy didn't give enough attitude for my liking, but love the premise and the boy was cute if a little skinny. Mans hand are still one of the best for trying different scenarios out . - Jon

  3. The hot little brat deserves everything he gets.

  4. Love Andy Pinecrest. Such a hot twink!