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Sunday, 24 April 2016

Hunky Builder Chris Spanked By Strict Supervisor Sebastian!

Chris & Sebastian - Stern Supervisor
Part One

Chris has been enjoying his lunch break when Supervisor Sebastian walks into the office. Sebastian seems to be very annoyed that Chris has had 2 minutes extra for his break. Sebastian seems to be unreasonably angry. Chris suggests that really Sebastian is actually annoyed because his girlfriend left Seb for Chris!

Sebastian decides that Chris needs to be taught a lesson. So a spanking is in order! Chris can hardly believe it. He is a grown man with a girlfriend and he can't believe he is getting involved in a mm spanking situation

Sebastian orders Chris over his knee and proceeds to spank him over his jeans, Sebastian is spanking hard and with determination!

Chris can deal with this ok, but it is when Sebastian orders him to pull his jeans down that things become tougher.

You can see the spanking is really beginning to hurt now as the spanks come down of Chris's bottom. 

Eventually though the underwear comes off and Chris gets spanked on his bare bottom!

Very sore and very embarrassing! 

Comment from Director Dave: 
 I always love it when I get the lads spanking each other. Trust me, this is never easy to do. This movie worked out perfectly with handsome Sebastian spanking hunky builder Chris! I hope you enjoy this preview and the full movie is available to watch here now!

Part two will be coming soon, and that has an unexpected sting in the tail for one of the lads. 

Links are provided out of respect for Straight Lads Spanked's intellectual property rights


  1. Very happy to see a hunky guy spanking a hunky guy. I for one hope that it will be Sebastian who feels the "sting in the tale" in the sequel.

    Noting better than seeing a Bully get his comeuppance, like Kevin in the latest release at Clips for Sale

    On that subject is their any chance of Bailey, the ultimate bully, ever returning to Straight Lads?

  2. Nice looking guy.