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Tuesday, 19 April 2016

Jason's Crime and Punishment


Jason's Crime and Punishment

Real punishment for lying and stealing! Jason finally blew back into town, and, as always, he needed money. He's borrowed money for the purpose of coming to do a video multiple times, and failed to show up multiple times. Tom knows Jason is not likely to show up for any given spanking, but he likes Jason and knows he'll always come back to town eventually.

When this bad boy finally does turn up, Tom decides to really let Jason's bare, little, straight bottom have it!

In this video, you'll see Tom give it to Jason hard with his hand, a wooden spoon, bath brush, PVC flog and an electric paddle. You'll see Jason’s smart-aleck grin rapidly disappear as it is replaced with kicking, yelling and tears. Jason knew this was going to be a bad one, and he knew he deserved it.

Video Preview

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  1. A cutie! I love to see that marvelous blood red color and bruise marks. Jason wears it all so well. Would treasure seeing Jason's marvelous punishment and tears continue to flow. After Jason has "had enough," shift him over to the wheelbarrow position and repeat the punishment using the same "tools" and finally a long hard bastinado! Looking forward to the return of Jason.

  2. #perfectinsocks-- wow is he perfect