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Saturday, 30 April 2016

PhotoShopped by Mark - A new update for May

A great new set of wickedly funny and smokingly sexy images from JockSpank's favourite PhotoShopper Mark!

Click on the images to enjoy the full sized pictures

I know you will enjoy these as much as we at JockSpank do.


  1. Sweet, where do you get these ideas?

    1. In a random post (non themed) like this one I let the original image I found inspire the situation. For instance the source image for the pizza delivery boy was holding a vinyl LP sleeve in front of himself. That didn't really suggest an interesting scenario so I started thinking of other square objects and… came up with a pizza box. The situation grew from that idea. For the themed posts I search my twisted little brain for appropriate situations and then find the images to work for them.

  2. Thanks Mark, these are incredible

  3. These are hotter than the real thing

  4. Lady of the Tower30 April 2016 at 23:55

    I suddenly want to order a pizza

  5. Grandpa Slipperman30 April 2016 at 23:56

    Love the three naked guys on the beach, total hunks, the guy in the “hot seat” is a keeper too!

  6. Awesome as always! Thank you!

  7. Great to see you back Mark, your work is always superb and very erotic

  8. Glad to see a spanko who is not afraid to focus on the spankees front , I love seeing a flaccid dick and a nice set of thighs of a hunk rubbing his naughty spanked butt

  9. Mark's technique gets better and better & his humour is ticklish too.Love the retro '50s Gay photographer Mr Andrew Beater.