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Saturday, 9 April 2016

Sting: Angry Dads 11

Another in Sting's Domestic Discipline series

Having been told many times not to play his radio so loud Peter (New StingLad Terry Duggan) has once again callously ignored the request. The neighbours are up in arms and none too pleased but this time his guardian (Marco) intends to take action!

Much to his surprise as a senior lad he is taken over the knee for a good spanking. If he's going to make a noise it might as well be for a good reason!

Now his bottom is bare, well raised and reddening fast as the punishment grows more intense. The neighbours will certainly be happier as the wailing sound of a well spanked insolent boy drifts through the building.

Its isn't finished though till the black leather strap has been in to action! Ordered to bend over and touch his toes Peter will give a final scolding performance of yelping and dancing. 

The bands of fire from the stinging strap are really burning the boys already well spanked bare backside. Its as much as he can do now to to keep still and turn the vocals volume down. 

Every young lads dreaded moment is bringing back home the unsatisfactory school report. This time its Gerry's turn (New StingLad Boobie Randel) His Dad (Johann Volny) is most displeased. He's been fair in the past and given the lad many second chances. He didn't listen to the warnings so now the threats of punishment will have to be made good!

The boy is sent off to shower and report back in his dressing gown. He's a sixth former now but quickly finds out he's not to old to be put over his Dads knee. 

The spanking is a wake up call and the stinging slaps on the boys bare bottom a message to pull his socks up and do better! 
To reinforce this Dads slipper, a time honoured instrument, is the best follow up a wayward lad could need. 

Bending over and feeling the scolding rubber collide painfully on his well spanked bare bottom, Gerry is definitely going to change his ways!!

Links are provided out of respect for Sting's intellectual property ownership


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  1. Another excellent video from Sting! Is on my must buy list!