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Monday, 25 April 2016

Sting: Apprpved Education 14


The Governor Headmaster is assessing the reports of several older lads who are nearing their time of sentence completion. A good report can make a lot of difference as to how fast the boy may be released. One such lad hasn't made the grade at all!

  Paul Berry (new StingLad Alex Bell) is on the carpet unable to answer why he has not achieved a good record. The Headmaster gives him a second chance. The lad doesn't want to do more time but must accept a punishment. 

In an Approved School that means just one alternative, even for a senior boy, a good spanking. 
Berry is sent to Mr Sharpe a senior officer who is also his Head Of House. The boy is taken over the knee with the first few stinging slaps given while still wearing his tight white Y-front briefs.

This is just a warm up, now the lad is ordered to bare his bottom. Reluctantly the pants are stripped off! 
Back over the knee the spanking steps up a notch and Mr Sharpe's right hand cracks down hard. Young Paul's bottom is being painfully scolded and turning a fiery red.

Next the lad is ordered to strip off and bend over the back of a chair, legs well apart. Its the punishment strap that will now imprint its mark on the boys already well spanked bare bottom. 

The biting leather leaves its burning bands making the boys well rounded buttocks even redder. 
At least he gets to keep his remission but will leave the Housemaster's office later with a very sore backside!

Another young inmate Roy Grant (Darren) has decided to get his own back on the Headmaster. He sneaks in to his office and empties a bucket of rubbish he has been sweeping up over his head! 
The Headmaster is understandably furious and eventually learns who the culprit is. He is dispatched to the senior office Mr Sharpe to be dealt with.

This is a serous offence and Grant can expect a good caning.

The Housemaster has already had the punishment frame put in place. Roy is ordered to strip and bend right over the padded top leaving his muscular rounded bare backside high and exposed.

Mr Sharpe selects a whippy well oiled rattan cane and moves in to position. This will be an exemplary caning and the burning raised stripes will become a warning to any others who want to act the fool!

The caning will be followed by a traditional over the knee spanking,

something that will burn like fury over the raw stripes of a caning! As the Housemaster's hand cracks down hard and all the raw cane stripes are instantly bought back to life.

Young Grant's muscular bare buttocks are now so sore he won't be able to sit down for a week! (Which is just what he deserved!!)




  1. I am convinced Darren does not age. He is a Greek God!

  2. Cannot download from sendspace ?! no link ?!

    1. Sorry, the link has now been added. Please try again (You may need to refresh your browser)

  3. nice well derseved spanlking and caning ! maybe i need a spanking my spelling a bit bad!

  4. The cane marks. That boys been caned! Marco is a real talented spanker now. Whatever Darren takes to keep like that give me some!