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Saturday, 30 April 2016

Sting: Bad Lads

When growing lads start to boldly discover their limits good discipline is essential. There's always the temptation to go that bit further and test the patience of their elders and betters. This puts them on an inevitable collision course towards disaster and a day of reckoning will surely to follow!

Billy Webb (Robbie Kasl) is becoming far too irresponsible in the way he uses his catapult (slingshot) not realising the damage it can do.

Finally one of the stones he launches smashes in to the windscreen of the neighbours car. This reckless act causes his Uncle to make a large payout to have the damage repaired. Billy needs to be taught a lesson!

He needs a stinging reminder of how to behave and that's just what he's going to get.

Over his Uncles knee his muscular bottom is going to be turned red raw. The spanking will be hard and hopefully burn some sense in to the bottom of the problem. 

Billy wriggles and yelps across his uncles knee but this unfortunately for him is just a warm up. 

The whippy rattan carpet beater will make a fine instrument to follow the spanking on Billy's, already very sore, bottom.

Billy's bottom is scorched, throbbing aching and it will be the strap that finally drive the lesson home!

In the second scene from Bad Lads another naughty lad Martin Dale (New StingLad Joshua Clark) has also pushed his luck too far and used his Uncles credit card with out permission.

His Dad is furious and as he's been given so many chances it's felt a real hiding might now be the best answer. He's ordered to bend over and a caning is laid on by Dad across his tight jeans.

He hasn't been punished like this for a while and the biting rattan certainly finds its mark. 
However, now its his Uncles turn and he orders the boys to strip off the jeans and bare his backside! Reluctantly Martin does as he is told. 

The cane stripes are still stinging but now his uncles hand is colliding painfully with his bare bottom. It seems never ending. 

The sting is building at each slap, his red raw backside feels like its on fire. 

He might have used the card but he's had to pay back now with painful interest for sure!

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  1. Great video, I am usually a fan of Sting's period stories but their domestic discipline is also hot. Welcome ti Joshua Clark, may you take many more spankings

  2. Oh, great...but why is Marco not spanked in front of his spankies for his brutality? I think his great butt deserves it!
    Please, we Marco_as_a_spanker's fan want to see it in the next movie:-)
    Thank you, Stings! Dave

    1. Some people are just made for a certain role.

  3. But Marco is versatile, so why he could not be anytime taken over maybe JohanVolny's knee and spanked? Marco is not Master...dave

    1. Marco is a master he has earned that title and one of of Stings best spankers he really knows how to give a hard spanking and always gives a great belivable performance and Johan well his just a dream spanker so sexy and mysterious i love seeing guys over his knee but I not sure Marco would look that great.

    2. I think he will have big commercional success. Sí why not? Take him pant down, bend him over Johann's knee and let his ass be would be famous!!!