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Monday, 9 May 2016

Josh's Bubble Bath Blues

Josh is a tall, strapping good-looking young man who has got himself into serious trouble. Josh went on a Stag Do and ended up getting some random girl pregnant! This is especially serious as Josh already has a fiancée!

Unsure what to do, Josh strips off and gets into a hot bath

Josh feels he has no choice but to turn to his father for help and advice. After this bath Josh waits for his Dad to return from work. 
Of course, Dad is really furious! He can't believe how stupid his son has been! What a mess.

Dad decides that there needs to be some punishment and that the punishment is going to be an OTK spanking!

Muscular Josh really can't believe that he is having to go over Dad's knee to have his beefy bottom soundly spanked! 

Dad is really angry though and does not hold back when it comes to dishing out the spanking! Which is extra painful following Josh's warm bubble bath

Poor Josh really feels the spanking

And Dad know his irresponsible son deserves every smack!

Josh's sore, red, bottom really gives him something to focus his mind!

This is Josh's debut movie for Straight Lads Spanked and his first ever spanking as an adult.

Links are provided out of respect for Straight Lads Spanked's intellectual property rights



  1. Handsome 'lad'

    1. I really do agree! Josh is incredibly good looking. He also has the charming confidence which is rather attractive too.

  2. There is one thing which this Studio does which I really approve of is that they don't only spank the boy's bottom, but also the very top of the legs, where the bottom meets the thigh.

    That can really sting. Especially if the boy tries to sit down afterward


  3. Hey Archer. Well thanks for that feedback and I'm so pleased you enjoy my spanking technique! The lads I spank really HATE that part!

  4. Looks good.

    Is there any chance that Dom will return to Straight Lads Spanked? I would join up for him

  5. Please, please get josh in Aussie rules kit , his body is perfect for the tight vest and short shorts

  6. Would have loved it if dad had used that slipper or even a hair brush on Josh. Hot