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Sunday, 8 May 2016

Sting: After Lights Out 2


The very meaning of After Lights Out in any college means its time to stop whatever you are doing and go to bed. In the dark hours some students often flout this rule and take the opportunity to do other things. They risk getting caught of course and often are!

One lad heading of to the toilets with a porn magazine will be tonight's first victim of the ever vigilant Housemasters. Jimmy Croft (Adam Black) has timed it badly and Mr Sharpe (Marco) disturbs his quest for pleasure. Unimpressed the master drags the boy by the ear back to his dormitory. 

There is no messing, he's caught red handed so over the knee he goes. He must keep his bare bottom well raised and very quickly the lads cheeks turns a fiery red! This is going to be a severe spanking and will soon bring his ardour in to line.

Croft's raw well rounded backside is burning but now he's turned over on his back, legs in the air, for a stinging session with the Masters leather strap.

On night time dormitory patrol this portable leather persuader has often come in useful! After a good licking with this little scorcher he'll be sleeping face down this night for sure!

Another lad Rogers (Leonardo King) has yet again been playing his radio under the covers. He knows the rules but has continually broken them. Now he's before his Housemaster Mr Volny. Having no excuse this senior will be getting a taste of the Housemasters birch.

 This special instrument made from freshly cut from whippy willow rods can sting like fury. 

Rogers is ordered to stand against the wall and take his punishment The rods whistle down and Rogers muscular protruding bare bottom takes the brunt of the biting willow birch.


If the unlucky lad is feeling sore now, just wait until Mr. Volny has finished punishing his bare bottom

This perfectly rounded target, what you might expect from the gym trained school Rugby captain, will also be soundly spanked over the knee!

No matter that he is a senior boy either! 

Rogers yelps and wails as the stinging slaps scorch his globular bare bottom. 
Dealing with the pain and humiliation is now the only thing he's tuned in to!


Links are provided below out of respect for Sting's intellectual property ownership



  1. Nice love it when sting models have bubble butts :)

  2. Super HOT images!! Can't wait to see the video!

    1. This vidfo is definitely worth seeing, it is highly recommended

    2. I 3rd that.

  3. Wow, hot red bubble butts. So hot!

  4. Sting are producing some first rate vids at the moment. Leonardo has a butt to, well you know the rest. I guess they both do!

  5. Beautiful butts, thoroughly spanked. Nothing compares.