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Saturday, 14 May 2016

Sting: Approved Education 15

Progress reports are still being assessed and most lads are getting through their monthly training tests with reasonable success. However there are always one or two who need pulling up by their boot strings. The persistent offenders soon feel the wrath of the Governor Headmaster if they continually fail to maintain standards.

Standing before the Headmaster is Joe Collins (New StingLad Will Simon) Having pushed his luck too far he is sent off to report to his Housemaster, Mr Sharpe. Senior boys should be working hard and setting an example to the juniors, he's just not doing that! 
He'll have to be shown the error of his ways which means some strict discipline. A caning first over the vaulting horse on his regulation grey shorts

.... then a good dose of the leather strap on the bare bottom. 

This to be followed swiftly by a scorching spanking, well laid on, over the knee and right on top of the still burning cane and strap marks!

Another boy is in detention. His constant bad behaviour has earned him a session of punishment in his Housemasters classroom. Tommy Beckett (New StingLad Evan Novak) is cheeky enough to think he can take a quick smoke whilst nobody is around. He's soon caught in the act by Mr Volny who is clearly not at all impressed.

This boy needs a bit more than just detention. He's taken high over the knee and his bare bottom slapped red raw. 

This is just the warm up. Mr Volny keeps an old reformatory strap handy for lads who push their luck. Now Tommy is ordered to bend over and present his already burning red bare backside for further punishment.

The old leather strap cruelly licks its fiery bands of pain directly on to Tommy's defenceless bare bottom. Smoking he's thinking is becoming bad for his health in more ways then one!

Links are provided below out of respect for Sting's intellectual property ownership


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