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Thursday, 19 May 2016

Sting: The Birching Block (Part 4)

It’s back to the days of powerful discipline and harsh corporal punishment! All generously administered to the most unruly students in the finest educational institutions of the land. Fresh birches have been made up and the sons of gentlemen are about to learn some much needed manners.

First in line is Guy Ashton (Adam Black) He has seen fit to bring drugs in to the college but having admitted his guilt is prepared to take a birching as punishment. 

The Headmaster arranges that his Housemaster Mr Sharpe (Marco) will administer the flogging. In time honoured fashion the boy will have to kneel on the birching block, raising his bare bottom high to meet the stinging rods as they descend mercilessly on to his naked backside.

These previously soaked birch rods are scorchers but the Housemaster for this offence won't be content with just a birching.

This young pup needs further punishment and Ashton is order to report back promptly before bedtime.

 Bunking off college and going out of bounds tends to be the main occupation of senior lads. When they push their luck too far the birching block is waiting for them to kneel to its authority. One boy, Miles Barclay (Pedro Donatello) has been having just too many illegal excursions of late. 

As he doesn't want his parents informed of his antics he soon finds himself stripping to receive the birch.

As usual Mr Sharpe is asked to lay on the flogging. Miles positions himself reluctantly on the block. Its very design pushed his now naked buttocks upwards and splayed apart.

The descending birch burns more and more at each stroke, The usually cocky Miles is struggling, his backside is on fire. 

Today though he's going to be very unlucky as his Housemaster intends to teach him a real lesson.  The birch flogging will be followed by a scorching spanking cruelly laid on over the already red raw birch marks!

Its evening time and Guy Ashton is knocking on his Housemaster's door.

As we know he'd been birched earlier that day but his offence had particularly riled his Housemaster. Now he intends to send the boy back to bed with a very sore bottom.

Over the knee, legs spread apart, Guy can only wince and howl as his very rounded backside is slapped hard.

His burning buttocks turn red quickly but there is no release this time, his Housemaster intends to teach the boy a good lesson!

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