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Thursday, 26 May 2016

Sting: The "Just Paul" Collection

Video compilation movie

Sting are starting the first of the StingLad profile films with Just Paul. Paul was the first major Sting star and in his day had a large following of loyal fans. His first major outing was Volume Two of the Punishment Books series but undoubtedly his most famous role was that of Howard Stadden, Head Boy, in the now famous Grey Shorts movie. 

This compilation includes all his scenes with the exception of Paul's Bad Report which stands as a separate short film. Paul had a reputation for taking it and he gives some outstanding performances. He could also lay it on too so Sting have included these clips and the fortunate lads on the receiving end in this complication.

From Volume Two, The Punishment Book, through to Volumes Three, Four, Five, and Six the action is hot and scorching. Paul was always rock solid and played many disciplinary roles from College boy prefects to Reformatory Boys and Naval Training Ship cadets.

Perhaps his most famous scene and hardest hitting was the tawse scenario in Grey Shorts where he received a good licking with each weight of the tawse right up to the XH level.

Whatever it is that appealed to the spanking fraternity Paul certainly had it and was a hard act to follow.

However, there are others and they too had their followers. Sting hope to feature more of these extra spacial Sting stars in future compilations. Till then this one is Just Paul.

Preview trailer

The full movie running time is 1 hour and 23 minutes

Links are provided below out of respect for Sting's intellectual property ownership


1 comment:

  1. Paul was a groundbreaking star for Rich and his new Sting Pictures. In those early days no downloads were available. One ordered the DVD'S and they arrived in the mail. Paul was gorgeous, front and back. Rich laid on strong spanking and caning. His clothing was terrific. His brother, Brett Stevens, is another huge Sting star. I heard that Paul moved to Australia several years ago, gone but never forgotten. Paul returned to the U. K. last year and made several new spanking clips for Brett at his clips4sale store. If you have never seen theses early Sting Paul pictures, you are truly in for a treat! Paul's work is the benchmark to judge all great male to make spanking clips by. Thanks Paul and Rich!