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Wednesday, 4 May 2016

Sting: PT Coach


Getting to the peak of physical fitness takes a lot of hard work and stamina. Keeping discipline in any college fitness department is the job of the senior Coach. He often has his hands full maintaining health and good order among his youthful students.

Having just finished a training session Garry Anderson (new StingLad Enzo Scott) is in a rush to get home. The Coach is looking for him to give him some information about a forthcoming event. However, calling his name aloud in the corridor is met with a very rude expletive! This time unfortunately Gary chooses the wrong man to answer back to, now he's in big trouble!

Ordered to the Coaches office this insolent young lad will be taught a lesson. Coach Sharpe wastes no time in putting the mouthy whipper-snapper over his knee! 

He's going to get a good hard butt reddening spanking and that will be just for starters. 

Garry thinks he's to senior for this but the Coach has other ideas and now picks up his well used leather strap. Face down on the bench, his bare bottom raised up ..
.. with the biting strap descending at speed, the lad is certainly regretting his foul mouth answer back. His well rounded bare backside is now blazing raw! 

For young Garry politeness with his teachers in future is defiantly the best way forward.

Another lad Paul (Paul Wolfe) has also go himself in to trouble with the Coach. He' skipping training and resumed his smoking habit which he knows is strictly forbidden in any event. Finally an exasperated Coach summons the lad to his office, its time to instil some self discipline again!

Well we all know the best way to start and as with Garry over the knee Coaches goes young Paul. 

The slaps hail down and quickly the boys smooth fair skinned bare bottom turns a fiery red.
It stings like hell and seems never ending.

Unluckily for Paul when it does its going to be the rattan school cane that will replace the scorching flat of the coaches hand. 

He yelps at each stripe! 

This painful little stinger is hard to take over a freshly spanked butt even for a fit young sports boy like Paul.

Two naughty boys

Links are provided below out of respect for Sting's intellectual property ownership



  1. Another excellent video from Sting, with two excellent performances from Paul and Enzo!

    Will definitely be buying this one next payday! Was thrilled to see Paul getting a good caning - really brought back memories of the canings I got at school as a boy!

  2. Beautiful gallery of pictures as always from Sting. There's Paul Woof of course! but now its got to be hello Enzo for me!

  3. Many coaches use it. It's especially important for boys who are growing up by mother alone

  4. Paul Wolfe is the most typical Czech teenager in Sting videos. Enzo has an absolutely perfect butt and him being punished on the bench is spectacular.