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Saturday, 28 May 2016

Sting: Strictly Come Spanking

Sting like to think they listen to their customer base so here they present the first download featuring just spanking. The two stories are set in different situations with good long over the knee discipline and two further positions thrown in.

 Story One

College athlete Tony Rodriguez (new StingLad Mike Alvez) is supposed to out on a cross country run. He hasn't returned in good time so the Coach goes out looking for him. He is soon found hiding away in the woods smoking a cigarette.
 The coach rapidly orders him back to the gym, this boy is surely in for a good hiding!

 Taken over the knee, his backside raised and legs spread well apart, the lad receives a well earned spanking on the bare bottom.

His scorched rounded little butt cheeks colour up quickly, but to get a more direct slapping power the coach re positions the boy over the top of a box horse. 

The boys firm bare bottom is now red raw but the spanking is relentless until a tearful Tony can really take no more. 

Story Two

Uncle Marco has noticed that his wine collection has been somewhat depleted. Finally his young nephew James (Tommy Martin) owns up to raiding his precious cellar. The boy has been behaving badly of late in other areas too but a voluntary confession is a good start to make amends. 

He knows a punishment is in order and surrenders himself to be dealt with. Uncle Marco feels the boys really needs a good spanking.

He might be a late teen now but its something that perhaps should have been done a long time ago. James is taken over the knee and a fiery tirade of stinging slaps instantly connects with his firm rounded bare bottom.

For Uncle Marco this is just a start. James next finds himself kneeling on a stool thrusting his bare rear right up to take another humiliating and burning attack on his already throbbing naked buttocks!

For these boys this has been strictly come spanking.

Links are provided below out of respect for Sting's intellectual property ownership





  1. Great clip. Sting pictures never fails to put a sting in cute bad boys right where it counts.

  2. Alvez is very cute, lovely spankable bottom. Nice to see a Hispanic actor for a change.