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Sunday, 26 June 2016

Carlo - Bubble Bath Blues

Carlo - Bubble Bath Blues

Carlo is behind on his rent and his landlord is not happy. Especially as Carlo seems to be spending his money on clothes and on treats for his girlfriend 
After a long day, Carlo comes home, strips naked

... and heads for the bath.

In a four minute scene, not shown here, we see this handsome straight lad, fully naked and exposed as he gently soaps himself clean.

It's only when he has returned to his room and is lounging on his bed in his tight underwear that his landlord comes home demanding his rent!
Carlo has many excuses but he has used them all far too many times.
Things are about to take a turn that Carlo was not expecting!

The landlord decides that Carlo need to be taught a lesson! Soon this tall strapping, straight man finds himself on the receiving end of a hard over the knee spanking! 

It's not just a hand spanking though as Carlo gets his butt blistered with a wooden spatula from the kitchen.

Soon Carlo's underpants are pulled down ..

---and Carlo gets the bare bottom spanking he deserves!

This is a very real, hard spanking and you can see the pain etched on Carlo's face as his bottom turns from milky white to a deep red


Carlo is squirming around and attempts to cover his burning bottom with his hand

but there is no way to avoid this tough punishment!

The landlord makes sure that Carlo's bottom will sting all the next day to keep him focused on paying the rent

Eventually the OTK spanking finishes and Carlo is left, spread out on his bed, carefully soothing his throbbing bottom!

NOTE: This movie features scenes of lingering full frontal nudity which are not shown on JockSpank

Mouse spank Carlo's bare bottom, or click here to visit Straight Lads spanked

Links provided to respect the intellectual property rights of the creator these images 

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