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Thursday, 9 June 2016

Fathers and Sons - PhotoShopped by Mark

Here is the latest, much anticipated, set of incredible pictures PhotoShopped for JockSpank by Mark

This time, in response to requests, the theme is
Fathers and Sons Punished together

My personal favorite is No 7 what's yours? 

Click on the image to view the full sized picture


  1. Mark's work is always superb, this is another very clever and fun selection. I guess it must take forever to find all the faces with the right expressions and bodies in the right positions, but they all work so well

  2. Personally, I prefer to see sons get it from Dad, but it is fun to see Dads get it occasionally. I agree, they are clever and funny pictures

  3. Great work Mark. They are all hilarious, (I just love the Mexican prison scenario) you must have a really wicked mind to think up all these funny situations, and them make them sexy.

    I always enjoy your contributions to this great blog

  4. Incredibly hot. Thanks for all the work

  5. Thanks Mark for answering to my request , it's very nice to you !!
    I'm really happy , your work is hot !!! Please can you realise 1 or 2 pics of fathers / sons spanked on every future post you will make (wathever the theme) ??
    I like the 10th pic, maybe you could work on spanking by cops after strip searching for your next theme of posts ?! I love you !

  6. Lady of the Tower11 June 2016 at 07:44

    Excellent. This is great work, I really enjoyed these pictures.

    I agree about number 7, what lovely bottoms. So tempting, and so spankable.