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Sunday, 19 June 2016

Return to East Europe Boys (1 of 2)

After a short break, here is this week's first of two postings from regular contributor East Europe Boys. Links are provided below for the convenience of visitors, and to respect East Europe Boys intellectual ownership.

James has to continue to endure his just and well deserved punishment as a pledge, for losing an arm wrestling contest, and is ordered to be punished with the bath brush by his friend. This is then followed, at the turn of a card, by a another more painful spanking with a wooden paddle.

The master continues to punish the his students, first Michal is flogged hard with a riding crop until it makes him cry. This is then followed by a vigorous hand spanking. 

OSCAR KO. (part 2)  
New boy Oscar, continues to submit to his first ever training punishment with more a vigorous and painful spanking. The master sends Oscar into the kitchen to collect a wooden spoon and after the guy is severely punished with the wooden spoon before over the master's knee then kneeling on the couch. 

Links are provided to respect the intellectual property rights of the creator these images



  1. The master's vicious assault on the newly returned Michal to East Europe's cameras continues in part 3. Last weerk, in pt. 2, Michal was put over the brown couch back and paddled first wearing underwear and then bare. Michal's gorgeous butt took a painful beating. An awesome clip! Now, part 3, the master has Michal lying face down on top of the Prince, Lukas Liz. Using the riding crop hard on Michal's to-die-for rear, he brings Michal to tears! A glorious and gorgeous scene. This is Michal' third clip for Spanking Boys where the master makes him cry, the pain inflicted on Michal is so bad! Please keep the Michal clips coming, I missed him so bad the several years that he was gone. I emailed East Europe a year ago, asking where Michal was. The reply stated that Michal was working in Prague. I am so glad he is back. Michal is one of the best spanking boys models ever, along with Lukas Liz, Davide, Pavel Tom, Filip and so many more! (Where is Christian, the gorgeous one, he is so missed!) Michal soon needs another wheelbarrow and bastinado hard! Pound him wearing denim! Also above, the latest resident East Europe hunk, James Huck, lies face down on the couch and gets paddled. Another great clip. Would love to see Huck, the hunk, in denim and wheelbarrow and bastinado. One can only dream!

  2. Oscar Ko, another beauty! What a terrific clip, his body positions are breathtaking. The master swings the menacing wooden spoon real hard! Real good! Three terrific clips above, keep them coming, I will keep buying them all!

  3. Tuesday, the new East Europe clips get posted at I am anxiously awaiting the new crop tomorrow! I'm wondering what painful spanking tools will the master use? How hard will he swing them? How red and bruised will the East Europe models be? What wonderful positions will the master put their bodies in? Camera butt close ups and bright light massively add to the clips' quality. I'm hoping to see new clips tomorrow starring: Christian, Michal, the Prince Lukas Liz, Kuba Sm, Lukas "beautiful boy next door" Ce, the hunk James Huck and gorgeous Oscar Ko. May they all be spanked hard!