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Tuesday, 21 June 2016

Sting: The Birch Block - Part 5

Its time once again for the heavy wooden birching bock to be put in place to allow for some severe discipline to be administered. This famous stepped platform, enabling a lads bare backside to be raised up for punishment, was to be found in many historically famous public educational institutions. The sons of gentlemen would often learn a hard lesson whilst kneeling on its polished surface. 
One such young gentleman is Brad Farnley (Robbie Kasl) His constant bad behaviour has come back to bite him in more ways than one. As a senior boy he is supposed to set a good example which he clearly hasn't been doing. A birching is now seen as the best answer to put some sense back in to this wayward lad's head.

Sent to Mr Sharpe his Housemaster he can see that the block is already in position. Now he is ordered to remove his breeches and bare his backside for punishment! 

The birch had been soaked previously and now, as it lashes down on Farnley's well raised bare bottom, he is already re-thinking his recent behaviour!

His Housemaster believes in getting a firm message across especially when a senior has been acting like a junior. So, the birching is followed up by a burning spanking leaving Farnley's backside well and truly red raw!

The other boy due for a visit to his Housemasters study is a lower 6th lad, Aiden Hamilton (Evan Novak) Recently this junior has been growing in boldness and cheek and as with Farnely its been decided that a birching will curb his downright naughtiness.

Ordered to strip he must now kneel on the block to take his punishment. His knees must be apart and hands flat on the floor with bare bottom well raised. The position is humiliating enough as little is left not in view but now the rod descends! 

The twigs cut cruelly in to the lads well rounded bottom and a punishment begins that he won't quickly forget. 

Now though with his backside still burning from the birch he is taken over the knee like the naughty junior he is and given a good spanking.

The scoring slaps quickly waken the birch welts in to a burning finale.

Hamilton too is now re thinking his behaviour for the future.

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  1. Great looking boys really well done. Much more realistic than just huge hunks getting punished. The setting and outfits are spot on too.

  2. Robbie Kasl must now be regarded as a true veteran! His performance always satisfies! But also great performance here from Evan Novak! Would love to see Evan being introduced to the cane!