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Tuesday, 28 June 2016

Sting: The Borstal - Part 4


The Governor at Rainsford Borstal is having a crack down on bad behaviour. It doesn't hurt now and again to show the lads who is boss and that they should really be concentrating on rehabilitation and training. But of course the methods used do hurt and the memory of a good whacking often keeps a wayward lad on the straight and narrow.

The governor, while on his rounds, finds a lad out in the corridor he has been meaning to have a word with, 1996 Dawson (Robin Palmer) This boys last escapade in the dormitories had not gone unnoticed. He is becoming a young trouble maker has now earned himself a session of discipline with his own Housemaster Officer, Mr Volny. 
Dawson will go over Mr Volney's knee for a regulation scorching spanking.

Next he can expect to be put over the punishment frame for a bare bottom walloping with the Borstal strap.

The bands of fire from this formidable instrument will soon get a cocky young lad to pay attention. 

Back in the Governors office stands 2946 Shelby (Adam Ashton) he is one of the trainees that has become very cheeky of late and as one of the bigger lads is leading the younger ones on. This has to be nipped in the bud!

He is sent to Mr Harding (Phil Stone) a muscular new officer who knows exactly how to deal with upstarts such as Shelby.

ecured to a prison bed Shelby will get a good stinging dose with a riding whip, Mr Harding's preferred tool of discipline.

Ironically used to train young horses it has now found a better purpose in burning a message of discipline in to naughty boys bare bottoms, no matter how big they are. 

Afterwards and even over a well strapped backside the lad will go over the knee for a scorching spanking. 

This burning finale will of course bring all the leather whips stripes back to painful life!

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  1. Ecxellent vid. The young Mr Harding certanly looks very deserving of the cane himself. I hope we will see him well spanked?

    1. You will be pleased to hear that Phil Stone, the Actor playing Mr. Harding, has been on the receiving end of discipline in the following downlaods:

      Governor's Choice (Parts 5 and 7), The Birching Block 3 , Kiwi College 3 (Sweet and Sour), Army Discipline - The Barracks, ​​Swim Team 2' and Roundabout Bedtime.

      If you click on the "Phil stone" link in the right hand column of the "Feel the Sting" blog you will find details of them all (here is that link:

  2. It looks like Adam is receiving especially painful strokes with the whip on his beautiful buttocks.

    Dawson is another typical Czech teenager. Also typically Czech are his interjections after each stroke ("au, jau").