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Friday, 3 June 2016

Sting: The Housemasters Study: Episode 4


When pupils become to disruptive they very often end up being sent out of class. It doesn't matter whether you are a senior or a junior, being put out in the corridor is one way a Master can use to separate the perpetrator and solve the problem. However, if you happen to be caught in the corridor by the Headmaster then the situation can get just a little bit hot!

Senior lad and prefect Pete Aldridge (Travis McKinnon) has pushed his luck too far and finds himself outside of the classroom in the corridor to continue his studies alone. 

His luck is not in either as he is caught and sent immediately to his Housemaster, Mr Sharpe, who knows just how to deal with him. 
Confessing he was fooling around his actions are compared that of a junior and he is told he will be dealt with and spanked like one.

Protesting he is a senior has no effect and he soon finds himself naked and over the knee receiving a good hard bare bottom spanking! 

The first embarrassing position is really that of a naughty boy

but after a good stinging slapping his is ordered to lie flat on a bench to receive the remainder of his humiliating punishment.

Aldridge's firm muscular bottom is now raised high, the burning spanking continues putting fresh painful fire in to the lads now well punished rear!

It really isn't a good day for those who have annoyed their teachers enough to be sent out in to the corridor. The prowling Headmaster has caught another boy, fifth former Chris Mitchell (new StingLad Robin Palmer
He too is told his Housemaster will deal with him later and by chance that fateful meeting ends up in the dormitory.

Young Chris is lazy and getting more cheeky as the term goes on. There is only one answer and Mr Sharpe knows exactly what to do. Mitchell has been getting away with it for too long, he needs a quick sharp lesson in manners and behaviour. 
Mr Sharpe spanks the lad like a very naughty boy, bare bottom and over his knee. Mitchell's rounded blemish free backside quickly responds to this scorching onslaught turning a bright red!

This is the first time he has been spanked but it doesn't end there his Housmaster has already gone to get his wicked black leather strap.

It's bands of fire across an already spanked bare bottom is legendary especially with boys who have felt its biting sting in the past. Young Chris is now to become one of them!

This download introduces new StingLad Robin Palmer

Links are provided below out of respect for Sting's intellectual property ownership


  1. Beautiful there is no ink on either of these boys. I hope they keep it like that

  2. I like an inked up pup! Nothing says bad boy like tattoos

  3. This is really well made download and Robin is a great addition to the Sting studio. First class stuff.

  4. The lack of tattoos is nice to see. Their butts are beautiful and Mr Sharpe appears to soundly spank them.