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Thursday, 16 June 2016

Sting: No Stars Just Stripes Part 7

Discipline has been getting a little bit lackadaisical of late and the principle decides its time to come down hard on bad behaviour. He's summoned Mr Sharpe to his office to lend assistance. This particular teacher is one member of the college faculty who seems to get results where keeping good order is concerned.

First on the carpet to receive a dressing down is Johnny McDowell (Joshua Clark) He's seen fit to bring a switch-blade in to class which, as he is fully aware, is very much against the rules. Its not the first time so discipline will now have to be laid on. The Principle leaves Mr Sharpe to get on with the job!

McDowell is ordered to strip off his pants and assume the position. A well-used paddle is taken from the drawer and carefully lined up, tapping the curvaceous bare bottom cheeks protruding outwards. The paddle cracks home! McDowell can only holla as the smooth wood collides with his rounded rear end.

The paddle is changed half way through the punishment to the wicked holed persuader. This wooden antique had been in the college as long as anyone can remember. 

It stings like fury but this is just a warm up for poor McDowell. 

Afterwards, paddled red raw or not, he's going over the knee for a real good spanking!

Another boy who has been causing a lot of trouble and disruption is Dwayne Peters (Alex Bell)

Mr Sharpe has tracked him down and timed it right to catch him coming out of the showers. The boy is soaking wet but this is not going to stop him going straight over the knee for a scorching good spanking.


His bare butt is burning but its not over yet.

Mr Sharpe had not forgotten to bring his awesome old antique! Ordered to bend over the bench Dwayne will also now feel what the holed paddled can do. Basically burn butt badly! 

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  1. Damn, I have such a crush on Joshua Clark. I Love how he yelps "AHH" at every whack. Hope to see more of that expressive cutie.

  2. Back in the day it was always worse when your butt was wet - back in the day I had to rub baby oil/vaseline on mine to make a lickin' more painful!! It sure did - Josh takes it bravely in this vid.

  3. This is just great. Beautifully made with the usual professional Sting quality. Joshua Clark is just cute a great addition to the studio. Alex Bells wet butt is a sore deal for him for sure.