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Sunday, 17 July 2016

Callum Pays His Debts - Part 2

Callum owes his father some money, after his Dad paid off a loan shark.  However, he does not seem very motivated to pay it back. Even though Dad told Callum that he would get spanked again if he did not make some effort to repay the money, the irresponsible lad didn't take him seriously, and is too lazy to get up and look for a job.


It seems like Callum needs to be spanked again. This time his Dad is really serious and tells Callum to fetch the Carpet Beater!
Callum first of all receives a real, hard OTK spanking. 

This is just a warm up though for what is to come!!.

With a sore, stinging bottom, Callum is made to bend over the bed with his bottom sticking up as his Dad whacks him with the Carpet Beater!

Callum is left with a very sore bottom, as his Dad delivers a well deserved punishment!

This is one lad who won't be sitting down for a while, but has he learned his lesson …....?
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  1. From what have seen Callum is one of the better actors on the present spanking scene.

    He has a nice arse too

  2. Please post Fraser caught cheating's images on jock spank. On the website you aren't able to see the full photo like you can on this page. A free preview would also be amazing. It looks incredible! Thanks for producing such fantastic spankings. :)

  3. Would love to see Kevin get the carpet beater hard