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Sunday, 10 July 2016

Gifs from the Young Athlete

Thanks to Bad-Lads for these Gifs from The Young Athlete further images from which were POSTED HERE on Friday

A preview video can be viewed at the Bad-Lads Website

Links are provided to respect the intellectual property rights of the creator these images


  1. I cant get into this too much arse play going on...

    (This gif is a prime example of what I mean)

    If there is any hint of the spanking being sexual it just ruins the magic for me it should be believable and serious! (nerveless still erotic) The spanker should never play with or rub the guys arse like ever! Hence not having the lad look directly at the camera having the lad avoiding looking directly into the camera as that also ruins the illusion of the spanking being real. I enjoy in clips which are as realistic as possible like we are watching a bad lad getting a real spanking almost like we are peeping through a door that's why having scenarios is another must have in a spanking clip not just spanking a guy and that is it there needs to be a story behind it like we are watching a movie play out.

    Oh and for the record I don't need anyone telling me that this isn't real of course I know that. I'm expressing my kink.

  2. to add to my comment...

    This is serious... (gif)

    The rapid slapping of the hand onto the lads arse the expression on the spankers face because I love to see the spankers face it all adds up to make the finished product all that more realistic and believable!

    - Steven Spielberg (Joke)

  3. Well, I for one am happy to see some arse play and a sexual element. One taste here is not better than another but perhaps we should accept that not everything previewed here will be to our own taste.

    1. Well I was talking about me. It is better in terms of what I like. What I'm saying some spanking is over sexualised and looks "too gay" I like real men spanking men and handle a lad like a man would not like some drag queen! I'm not into that gay camp scene and yes I am gay. A real spanker is someone like the good ole Paul Barresi.

    2. I would have thought that both the guys in this are manly enough to please anyone. A lot of visitors enjoy a bit of sexual content, we try to accommodate all tastes, but can't please everyone all the time.

    3. Hey Bruce,

      Both the guys are quite manly the spanker is gay if I am correct. I have been a member of the website and I have seen sometimes in the older clips he has a "gay grin" as I'd call it but in the newer ones he doesn't what I'm saying is expression is everything.

      Let's talk about sexual content that can be achieved in many ways like the guys legs being spread and seeing his cock or balls pressing on the spankers legs etc. That is sexual in a hot way but not a camp way What I mean is that if I dad actually spanked his lad you'd prolly see that happening the guys nuts etc but a real spanking wouldn't have dad touching and feeling up his boys arse so that's what I'm generally getting at obviously this isn't real but acted out the whole element of it being as real as possible it's a major turn on for me and a lot of people but everyone is different. There could be people who would watch that of a serious spanking and think it is boring without sexual activity etc. but in honest old fashioned spanking sexual content can be archived in other means someone might find seeing the guys feet sexy or seeing the guy struggle and dad pulling him back down as sexual.

      I also love a spanker who is really good with his words someone who speaks directly and stern but doesn't over do it and talk too much (that's annoying) the simple gesture of dad telling a lad to put his hand down is sexy especially when good expression is put into that....

      Back to what I was saying that a lot of spanking is "Too gay" for example SpankThis very over sexualized but if you look back at some of Control T Studios they are some of the best out there... especially some of the spankers like this spanker....

      The tone in his voice was very convincing and believable. I wish more spanker look and acted way!

    4. Oh yeah and just say that this spanker is better in terms of looks and body then 95% of the spankers you post here. (it's not all just about looks it's about technique which quite a few lack in) I know a lot of spankers don't look that great but there are good spankers out there hot ones just seldom to find or they don't create content which is a real shame.

      Let this be an example of a spanker when I say real men..

      Doesn't it make all the difference when the spanking features a hot DILF not someone you'd like to watch but someone who you'd want to crawl over. So on the topic of sexualisation and sexual consent that can be achieved in many ways specially when the participants look amazing when they don't you have a hell of a time trying to make something sexually amazing it end up being meh... you want to be incredible that was fucking incredible that's what you want to say.

  4. "sigh" batten down the hatches and stand by!

  5. It is often a sign that a studio is doing something right when updates get people talking

  6. It's just a matter of taste. Like many, I prefer pure disciplinary spanking. Others like erotic content. Live and let live