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Sunday, 24 July 2016

Kevin and Fraser - Caught Cheating

Fraser has been a naughty lad and has been caught cheating on his girlfriend, who just happens to be Kevin's sister! This is not the way that friends behave. Kevin appears to feel very strongly about this behaviour and has decided that Fraser needs to be taught a lesson. So he insists Fraser take a spanking from Mr. X.

Fraser has little choice as he knows if he refuses Kevin will tell his girlfriend.

Kevin books an appointment with the local community spanker Mr X and arranges for Fraser to be disciplined. It does coast Kevin some money, but as far as he is concerned it's money well spent. 

Kevin is really going to enjoy the spectacle of Fraser getting an over the knee spanking. He knows how much this will embarrass his fellow straight lad Fraser, and he also knows how much it will hurt.
Mr X accepts the job and agree's that Fraser deserves his punishment, he puts Fraser over his knee. 

After a sound spanking on his tracksuit bottoms, Fraser is told to strip to his underpants.

Mr X also listens very carefully to just how much Kevin does not approve of lads cheating on their girlfriends.
He begs Mr X to send Kevin out of the room. 

 but Kevin has paid for him to be spanked and insists on staying to watch, knowing this will add to Fraser's embarrassment.

So Kevin just stands their grinning and laughing at the entire process. 
 Fraser gets stripped completely naked for the next part of his punishment!


Kevin finds Fraser's ordeal hilarious

For Fraser it's just painful and humiliating


Karma, of course, has a nasty habit of biting a lad in the bottom and tables can be turned, In part two that grin may be wiped right off Kevin's arrogant face!!!

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