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Saturday, 16 July 2016

Sting: Domestic Discipline (My House, My Rules)

Two stories, two naughty boys

Jerry's story.

Shoplifting is a very precarious occupation, at least that's what Jerry (Robin Palmer) soon found out when he was finally caught. Luckily the shop manger knew his Uncle Marco very well and agreed he should deal with the matter instead of the police. On reaching home Jerry is told his fate and reluctantly strips off to receive a good spanking.

His Uncle is furious but determined to change Jerry's wayward attitude.

Uncle Marco is determined to put a well deserved sting in young Jerry's tale

Jerry's bare bottom is soon red raw from Uncle Marco's relentless pounding but this is only the start

now he is ordered over the chopping table for a little extra action.

The nearest thing to hand in the kitchen is a long wooden spoon. Made of hard wood with a nice smooth round ending its just the tool to teach young Jerry to not be so light fingered in future!

It will be some time before this naughty boy will be able to sit down comfortably.

Terry's Story

As he watches his school work float down the river Terry (Corey Law) thinks he's being clever. He can just say he lost his homework so he doesn't have to do it. There are far better things to do than schoolwork right now. However it doesn't quite work out that way as his Uncle has already had a look at the terrible school reports being sent home. 
He's always held back but it's time the boy learned a real lesson! The writing's not in his school books but it's now firmly on the wall, Terry is going to get a good walloping!

First a good over the knee spanking turning his little bare bottom a burning red!

This of course merely in preparation for a scorching finale, a good sore licking with a painful leather strap!

Links are provided below out of respect for Sting's intellectual property ownership


  1. WARMLY RECOMMENDED! My favorite Sting video of 2016 so far!

  2. A couple of HOT twink bottoms getting just what they deserve. Even HOTTER RED bottoms