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Wednesday, 20 July 2016

Sting: In Hot Water

There's just time to have a quick shower after sports practice. Jeff Foley (Adam Black) has left it a bit late but then nobody else will be around so he can grab a smoke too!

It's strictly forbidden of course but then who's going to know. Time is running out though so he must get that shower done quickly too and off to his next class!

Now he's in the shower  ...

... but unfortunately the half smoked cigarette not properly put out when cast away has set fire to the carpet.
Young Jeff is now being vigorously pursued by his Housemaster Mr Sharpe! On reaching the shower block he drags the boy out dripping wet in to the changing room.
Instantly he over his knee, completely naked and dripping with water, he's going to get a very stinging spanking on his bare, wet, bottom!

Mr Sharpe's hand slaps down hard and Jeff's bare bottom is burning like fire. 

Of course the scorching spanking is just a start Mr Sharps wants the lad to feel real fire in his backside. Maybe next time then he'll think again before being so reckless! 
So next he is ordered to bend over the back of a PT bench, legs spread either side for a dose of the bamboo shoe horn. Something Mr Sharpe brought back from his travels knowing full well it would have more than one use! 

Its flat hard end bites in to Jeff's bare bottom cheeks like an angry wasp and its burns like hell! Fighting fire with fire as thy say can often be the answer!

Video Preview

Links are provided below out of respect for Sting's intellectual property ownership



  1. He has a gorgeous ass and its great he is also exposing his cute hole - I am surprized he didn't get that spanked too!

    1. Well Sting are normal people who respect there models.

  2. A magnificent video! Thankyou Sting! Great performance from Adam Black - hasn't been one of my favourite models, but this performance will probably change that! Was surprised at the low cost of this video - but that's great too!