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Saturday, 9 July 2016

Sting: Kiwi College Part 6


The ups and downs of keeping good discipline in the college continues to keep the Headmaster busy. Two senior lad have pushed their luck too far this term and find themselves in deep trouble!

First on the Study carpet is Andy Walker (Rudi Vallance) There have been a torrent of complaints about his behaviour of late. As he is nearing his final exams the Headmaster decides to take firm action.

This wayward pupil needs a dose of the cane to wake him up and that is just what he gets.


The stinging rattan bites in to his bare bottom but unfortunately its just the start of discipline for young Walker. 

Next up he will be set to his Housemaster, Mr Sharpe, for a good spanking, over the knee and on top of those still sore cane stripes!


In this download, after a break of some months, Rusty Vallance makes a return to Sting

The Second set of pictures from Kiwi College Part 6

Another senior boy who has disgraced both himself and the college is being dealt with by the Headmaster.
By getting drunk in the local town whilst wearing his school uniform he has brought the college in to disrepute. 
Jack Thompson (Travis McKinnon) is sent to his Housemaster to be punished.

Unimpressed with this supposed senior lad and a respected captain of the sports team, could be the scorching strap move this bold and cheeky boy to better behaviour!

Mr Sharpe then decides to put him over his knee like a junior boy. For a big lad this humiliation might just teach him a lesson.


The lasting sting in his bottom will keep him focused on good behaviour. 



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  1. Top quality from Sting. Greeaat to see Rudi back.