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Monday, 25 July 2016

Sting: Penalty 3


Initially the team members are performing fairly well but the coach needs to keep on top of discipline to make sure its stays that way.

One of his top young players is Michael (Robin Palmer) He's a winner but needs to be kept focused. 
On the pitch he may play like a dream, but off the pitch he is a nightmare, seriously in need of some bare bottom discipline!

When the coach finds him with a dangerous looking sheath knife cutting away on a stick he's not too happy. Only a month before there had been a fight with a weapon like this and it got near to disaster.

Michael needs reminding of the rules. Time to put him over his knee for a good spanking, football shorts down and on the lad's well rounded bare bottom! 

The burning slaps soon have the boys backside red and raw but the coach feels more is needed.

Told to lay on top of the training horse Michael is going to feel the scorching bands of the coach's ferule.

The bands of pain from this long wooden ruler soon wake up the lads already spanked bare butt. 

The coach certainly scores a hit at each stroke but when he picks up the stick the boy was whittling on Michael can only gulp in fearful anticipation.


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  1. Hot af , I know so many famous footballers I'd like to see in this position! nice authentic kit , wish you d kept the boots n shin guards on for extra hotness :p

  2. Its Sting it'll be as authentic as they can get it. Robin looks just wow in that kit.

  3. they are both great in their footy socks-- but yes- second guy is wow-fucking wow-- hot hot hot-- in his shin guards-- but just socks are authentic- and socks is always best :)

  4. With having such lovely leggies (aka thighs), Michael should also have the back of his thighs soundly slapped and/or strapped so every one can see from the imprint of coach's fair/firm hand and the welts of any belt - when he's back in his football kit - that he has been a nortie boi. I would happily slap and strap those leggies and spank his rump if Coach is not prepared to do it.

  5. Since when did soccer players wear shin pads on the outside of their socks? Small overlooked details like that annoy me.