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Sunday, 17 July 2016

Sunday Spanking Comments

Over the last few weeks we have received a number of comments which are not directly related to the actual posting beneath which they have been placed. These comments frequently develop into threads or exchanges, which, although they focus on male spanking, are off topic in terms of the content which has been contributed to JockSpank.

This is somewhat unfair to the contributor. Therefore, in the past we have attempted to discourage such threads and often rejected off topic comments.

However, it seems that a number of visitor feel the desire to express their views on male on male spanking in general, and wish to make suggestions or comments, but don't have a suitable forum to do so.

Therefore, for an experimental period will have introduced this new feature which will be posted every Sunday evening, where visitors can leave comments, observations, questions and general suggestions regarding JockSpank

Unfortunately because of the nature of the modern Internet, this section will be fully moderated, and the usual rules relating to illegal, obscene, unkind and argumentative comments will still apply. However, we will try to apply a soft a touch as we can to moderation.

Please leave any general comments about male spanking below



  1. I know that there are a few spanking sites that feature videos shot in Asia (just like Sting used to) and it got me thinking
    1) are there any commercial spanking videos filmed in Latin America
    2) If not, do you think it might be possible to film spanking videos down there? How would one go about doing this?

    1. I agree with your reasoning. We know there are large producers of gay BDSM videos in England (Straighthell / Breederfuckers) or USA (Central Spanking, Dream Boy Bondage and Kink). But there are also in developing countries such as Russia (Russian Captured Boys) and the most innovative and radical of all the extinct Discipline4boys.
      I believe that in Latin countries would be more feasible to create radical sites with this theme. Young boys, sexually liberated, willing to be beaten and tortured for money, starring porn films are more common in countries with large low-income population. The space we have in the internet for porn produced in Brazil, with the famous liberal and gifted brasilianboys shows that the Latin type is well accepted in the porn industry.
      Bind them, torture them and whips them is just a matter of price, paying well (the exchange, usually favorable, help), especially in times and contexts where poverty and unemployment are rife.
      Producing films with bigger boys of age and consensually, can make really radical films with heavy and brutal beatings with real pain and sincere and exciting groans.

    2. NOTE: Can posters please avoid terms which can be misunderstood as references to actors who are not adult, and be clear that all spanking movies featured or discussed on this site feature adults who are over the age of consent. This poster makes that clear later in his post. However, to comply with Bloggers terms of use, and JockSpank's stated rules please avoid any ambiguity.

      Thank you

    3. Agreed, and I was not thinking of anything as sever as the old discipline4boys site.

      Does anyone have any idea how to go about starting up such a business venture?

      I know the people behind stingpictures once said that the Asian models were far easier to work with than their European counterparts possibly due to the prevalence of corporal punishment in their culture. I would bet Latinos would be similar

    4. I have received a number of offline communications, and comments which I have not approved, regarding the reference to Discipline4boys in the comment above

      Please note that I allowed the original comment through because of the general interesting and thought provoking content of the comment. I stand by that decision.

      However, in response to the comments I have received, I reiterate that, as I have said previously, given what I understand were the issues which led to the closure of Disciplin4boys, JockSpank does not support the forms of activity which allegedly took place.

      We do not accept content from Discipline4boys, or any similarly extreme studio.

  2. There is a large Male bondage site located in Brazil, and Twink Academy used to have a studio located in Columbia, but I don't know if that is still operational

  3. I alway find it extra hot when a bad boy is spanked on an already sore bottom. For instance a guy has already been punished at school and then gets spanked on his, already stinging butt, by his Dad when he gets home (after a shower?).

    Or there may be other reasons why he might have a sore bottom before he gets spanked.

    Can anyone suggest a fun way a that a guy could get a sore ass just before (or after) he is spanked and also, if you like which spanking actor (or maybe celeb) you would like to see it happen to.

    Lets hear your fun fantasies

    1. Fraser from Straight Lads Spanked and Rudi Valance from Sting, go skinny dipping. They have beer with them, so they get drunk and fall asleep lying face down. They are asleep for hours in the noon day sun and their bare bottoms get really sun burnt.

      They are awoken by two muscular rangers who put them over their knees and spank their sun burned bottoms. Then they take them home to Dad who does the same to them.

    2. A burglar attempts break into a house, through a small skylight window, but he gets stuck, and as he is struggling to free himself, his bottom brushes against an electricity wire, which gives him a shock, and burns off the seat of his jeans.

      He yells in pain and wakens the home owner, a 6ft 2in body builder, who paddles the burglar's singed butt before calling the police, who find it all very funny

  4. Oh my gosh if sting opened a Latin American branch!!! Like oh my gosh have you ever seen Latino twinks? Trust me amazing! Ahhh I'd just die!!!

    1. Hopefully Sting will see these comments and be inspired to do so

  5. I believe spankings in socks are extremely hot. Normal lengthened white socks especially. I dunno why, I just think it looks amazing

    1. Agreed - I like in sting pics when socks get lift on... socks and shoes even hotter... long socks - extra hot! - no need for all this full nudity all the time... sting was always so authentic with their uniforms!