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Tuesday, 2 August 2016

A selection of Filmco Images

A Couple of Scenes from the iconic Filmco Spankmaster series

Some of these have been posted before, but are buried deep in the archives, and deserve a second look.

(Sorry if some of the images are quite small, but that was the size most images were back in the early days of the internet when they were created)


Links are provided out of respect for Filmco's intellectual property rights


  1. I love the 1980s vintage spanking vids from filmco, control t and mans hand films. Some Spanking video producers today need to take note! The interaction and humour between the spankers and spankees is erotic , there's a plot and the spankees kick and struggle and generally behave like brats. Throw in a tight pair of short shorts and tube socks and I am in heaven!

  2. I actually watched this last night.
    I liked when the man grabbed the guys nuts.

    I think this was in the 80 s.

  3. that black guy in the first pic sure has a shiny heinie

  4. Where can I find the first video?

  5. Would jockspank ever do
    A feature on vintage spanking? I was born in the 90s so would love to know more about it!

    1. We certainly could, there is a lot already in the archive, but probably quite hard to find, so we could re-post some of them.

      By "vintage" do you just mean from the 1980's and 90's (Filmco, Control T early Mans Hand etc)? We also have some earlier images, mostly from the 1950's, although most are in black and white.

    2. 1970s/1980s mainly as the spankings were hotter , the 1950s stuff is way too
      Placid :)

  6. The old Filmco and Control T videos were awesome. Just good old fashioned disciplinary spanking for bad boys. Any idea where those videos can be located now that Santa Barbara Paddle Co. Is gone

    1. They are on various sites, mostly as parts of Spanking compilations. TLA appear to still have the whole set however, mostly as part of large compilations:

  7. Here is my advice people if you really look hard enough and browse for the studio and titles of the clips you want you're likely to find them around some are hard to find but I've accumulated some of the rare clips before do it can be done bit ot does take time.