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Saturday, 6 August 2016

BBFC: Ricky - The Belt

Ricky should know by now to behave himself, but it appears that he is a slow learner. In this super clip Ricky gets a taste of the belt for the first time and it makes a real impression on him. Made to stand with hands on the wall means that his cute bum is presented beautifully for the spanking to follow.

The first few strokes are classics, you see the red bloom rise after each one. Not much of a chance to escape or struggling in this position and there is only one way to go, down. That is just what happens when it gets a bit much for him, his legs crumple and he is clutching his ass on the floor. Does not end there and it carries on until this really tough guy is close to tears. A super belt clip .



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1 comment:

  1. Seemed to spent a lot of time up until I was 18 and left home leaning on a wall getting my butt beat with the old man's belt - part of my growing - something almost every young guy needs from tiem to time - brings you down a peg or two - I was kinda cocky!!