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Sunday, 7 August 2016

Kevin's Comeuppance (Part 1 of 2)

Kevin's Comeuppance
Here is the first half of
Part Two

This movie follows on directly from Part One, which was posted here recently.

In Part One, Kevin found out that Fraser had been cheating on his girlfriend, who happens to be Kevin's sister. As punishment Kevin demands that Kevin take a spanking from Mr X (the community spanker).  Kevin had found it really funny to watch Fraser getting his bare bottom spanked!

However, half way through Fraser's punishment Kevin stops laughing when it is revealed that he has also been cheating on his own girlfriend, by signing up for an online dating agency.
Kevin has been exposed as a hypocrite! Having previously cheated on his own girlfriend, how dare he be so judgemental on Fraser! Of course Fraser takes full advantage of this situation and decides to order the same punishment for Kevin that he has just received.

This is nearly too much humiliation for Kevin to deal with. He really feels that he has no choice and reluctantly gets over the Mr X's knee whilst Fraser looks on. 
The roles are reversed, Fraser is now in charge, he gets to decide what happens to Kevin, and he plans to enjoy every minute!!

The over the knee spanking starts and Kevin feel every hard spank, even through the seat of his jeans ! 

Kevin's bottom does not have that protection for long as, just like he insisted Fraser did before, Kevin is forced to strip down to his underwear. 
Wearing just a pair of tight boxers, he gets back over Mr X's knee

The spanking continuous, but now only the thin cotton of his pants cover his tender bottom.

The camera angles show Kevin getting spanked and Fraser's delight in watching, all in the one delicious shot!

Kevin's humiliation is about to get even worse. Fraser reminds Mr X that he was Spanked on his bare bottom.

So Kevin Deserves a bare bottom spanking too!

Of Course Mr X agrees …

To Be continued …...

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