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Thursday, 11 August 2016

Kevin's Comeuppance (Part 2 of 2)


Kevin is now stripped naked and about to get a well deserved bare bottom spanking which just like the one he had earlier insisted Fraser receive

Kevin tries to cover his nakedness with his hands as he reluctantly moves towards Mr X

However, he can not hide his bright red bare bottom, which is about to get a lot redder

Fraser is now calling the shots, he gets to decide what happens to Kevin

No matter how much he protests, Kevin is going to get what he deserves

No spanking is complete without a long hard bare bottom spanking

and that is just what Kevin gets, as a delighted Fraser watches the entertainment

At last the over the knee spanking is over, but if Kevin and Fraser though their punishment was over, they are very much mistaken, as Mr X reminds them that they had both paid for the other to be whacked with the rubber soled gym shoe.

There is no arguing with Mr X, the lads know they will have to take the whacking.

Mr X gives both Kevin and Fraser a good whacking with the gym shoe

The two lads will be sore for quite some time

They will both think twice before cheating on their girlfriends in future.

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  1. £55 for one month of streaming only!? Are they insane or just incredibly greedy?

    1. Hi Anonymous, thanks for your comment, I have contacted the studio owner and asked him to respond to you personally.


    2. Hey, it’s a good point you raise. I’d like to think I’m not greedy. Not 100% sure about the insane part though!

      I quite agree with you though. The fixed monthly option is not the most cost-effective way to get access to the movies. It’s much better to commit to one of the longer packages which are amazing value for money. I would highly recommend that.

      There are currently around 300 full length, original movies in the members area. The one month streaming deal costs $69. That works out at 23 cents per movie. I know how much it costs to make these movies and all I can say is that 23 cents represents great value for money.

      However, if you go for the 3 month deal at $99 which allows you to download and stream all the movies. That will give you access to all the existing movies plus the 12 brand new weekly releases you will get during your 3 months. This works out at around $8.25 a week.

      The best value is of course the 12 month deal which currently gives you full access to the existing 300 movies plus another 52 brand new movies during the year and works out at just $4.59 a week.

      All the pricing is fixed in US Dollars and automatically converts to whatever country you are in based on current exchange rates. Of course there is no need to purchase any membership as the movies are also available as individual downloads on Clips4Sale.

      I fully understand that the one month deal is not enticing for those who just want to pay a small one off amount to watch all the movies and has been designed to dissuade that.

  2. Always a pleasure to see a bully get his comeuppance, even more so when he looks like Kevin