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Saturday, 27 August 2016

Sting: Colonial College Part 5


Getting down to final exam revision is always a difficult task for easily distracted senior college lads. Its summer now and there are lots of better things to do, regardless that the work in hand will almost certainly bring in better results.

Fishing is a much better proposition, well that's the way young Paul Bekker (Joshua Clark) looks at it. The chances of getting caught are low.....
.... but this time his luck has run out. Sent to the Headmaster to explain himself Bekker knows he's going to get a caning.

Always given on the bare bottom the swishy rattan seems to sting even more these days.  


However the Head has been pruning his fruit trees and now is armed with an even whippier switch which poor Bekker is to feel next

Its stings even more than the cane but if he thinks that the end of it he's in for a shock.

Now he is sent to his Housemaster, straight after the caning and without even the chance to get dressed again.

Mr Sharpe is in no mood for excuses he's well aware what his pupil had been up too. So its straight over the knee for a good spanking. Bekker complains he's just had the cane but that won't wash with Mr Sharpe he's just going to add to it and its going to sting like hell!

Bekker won't be sitting down comfortably for quite some time! (and nor does he deserve to!!)

Another student, Johnny Fleming (New StingLad Jonannes Lars) is tired to of studying as well. His concentration has gone and he's taken to just messing around and play-acting. Finally his exasperated teacher sends him to be disciplined by his Housemaster (Rado Zuska) 
Unfortunately for Johnny he's also head of PE! A spanking from him is gong to mean a really red and sore backside! 

Johnny knows that spanking is coming when the Housemaster orders him to drop his shorts!

Young Fleming is taken over the knee and his muscular well rounded bare bottom is soon burning! 

Fleming's bare, red, bottom is now very sore indeed, but his punishment has just begun.

His Housemster needs to get the boy to concentrate so this stinging spanking will be followed by a session with his well used leather strap.

Knowing he's a young gymnast the Master orders him on to the desk to really push his round bottom upwards to receive the wicked strap.

It's scorching bands of fire will really get this wayward lad to think about proper study again! (that is when he is able to think about anything apart from the sting in his well punished bottom!)




  1. This looks awesome. Johannes Lars has got to be butt boy pin up of the week. With the other guy too its a treat.

  2. I am hoping that the new Housemaster ends up over the knee and on the receiving end also...

  3. Ditto to above two comments - having to spread your legs opens up new areas for punishment esp. the sensitive inner thighs - personal experience

  4. Two very nice boys.Thank you Sting. Both are well deserved of their visit to their House Masters. Well splayed beauty to behold.

  5. Great bottoms. Nice n red
    brings memories back of my younger days

  6. Another gleeful hope to see the new tatt'd, hot housemaster on the receiving end!