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Saturday, 20 August 2016

Sting Rugby Club - Episode 1


If you want to join the club you are going to have to abide by its rules. This is one of the main conditions that new players sign to. The definitions are clear too, if its deemed necessary corporal punishment will be used to maintain good training discipline. This interesting method of training has turned the club in to a winner, the senior coach and his team of trainers intend to keep it that way!

Two new lads who signed up recently are Michael (Karl Frazer) and Peter (Tony Masters) These two lads had excelled at sports in school and wanted to continue playing so took the opportunity to join the club. They were fully aware of the terms and conditions that went with signing up and now for the first time will realise what this means!

The two friends settled down as new players but have become somewhat lackadaisical and last week the club lost its match! The senior coach is not at all happy and invokes the club rules. The two are sent to their trainer to be given a 'pep talk' This is the phrase used to actually mean a good spanking.

Arriving at his office Michael is the first to be ordered to take down his shorts. The big team forward does as he is told if somewhat reluctantly. Its been sometime since he last got a spanking. Soon he is over the coaches knee and a pounding of a spanking on his bare bottom gets underway. 

The well formed muscular cheeks turn a burning red and Peter can only look on to see what coming his way very soon.

Now Peter is over the knee while Michael looks on still rubbing his freshly spanked red hot butt. Peters yelps as the trainer gets going. His bare bottom is scorching now as as slap after slap rains down.

His protruding backside is burning but this is just a warm up...

next its over the gym horse for a taste of the old leather strap!

The lads can feel the cool suede leather of the pommel horse on their crouches as they bend fully over to take the strap. This is like being back in school but now they are fit muscular young guys who perhaps thought those days were over. 

Not at all, that old leather persuader is going to wake up their already spanked bare backside with some fiery licks. 
They have to be winners its in the contract and their training has just began!

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  1. This is just great where do I sign up? If only.

  2. This scenario turns me on so much! Nice one sting!

  3. An excellent idea to improve the performance of the team and also to 'encorage' all players to attend training sessions! I think a cane should be obtainend to deal with players who frequently fail to turn up for training !JK

  4. My there are some great photos of very spankable bare bottoms and several show the effects of good spankings and strappings which the srict coach has given! His teams results are surely going to improve quickly ! If not he will be thinking of the birch! JK