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Wednesday, 31 August 2016

Sting Rugby Club - Episode 2

New players joining the club will sign a contact. In it the conditions are that they must fully accept corporal punishment as part of the training strategy. Its become a tried and tested method to keep discipline and the Senior Coach intends to keep it as part of the clubs winning formula.

ne of the clubs new signers is Peter (New StingLad Lukas Cerny) he's look like he's going to be a real asset to the team. Unfortunately Peter is far too inquisitive and decides to unofficially borrow some cash from Jerry, the Team Captain's wallet (Kris Walker) Understandably he is very annoyed and invokes his right to punish Peter as per the contract.

The new lad is told to strip and is taken over the Captain's knee.

He feels a bit embarrassed having to do this but suddenly any thoughts are taken away by the stinging slaps that the muscular Captain is putting down hard on the lad's bare bottom. 

Peter can feel the fire growing in his bare backside but it won't be over till he's had a good licking face down on the bench with the leather strap as well.

Getting a scorched bare bottom will certainly focus this new young player in ways that no other training method can!!

The new Captain himself is not above receiving discipline too. The results of the last away games are very poor and the senior trainer is far from happy. He feels Jerry needs a pep talk and invokes the contract.
 The hunky Captain is going over his knee!

Jerry strips off to receive discipline and positions himself across the trainers knee. A scalding spanking begins, the young Captain needs to be coached somewhat harder than others. 

When the trainers launches in to a rapid fire delivery Jerry's backside becomes a burning red! This stings like hell but next he must bend over for the cane!

Jerry feels the tip of the cane line up on his furry bare backside.

Bending over like a naughty school boy, bare bottom protruding, takes him back in time but this burning rattan seems to bite much more.

The caning is hard to take, the stripes are vivid, Jerry jumps up clutching his now very sore bare bottom only to be ordered back over for more!

The coach wins this time and Jerry The Captain must make sure the team does next!

Kris Walker as Team Captain Jerry

Lukas Cerny as Peter



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