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Friday, 30 September 2016

Spanking Art by Franco

Art by the incomparable Franco

Fan's of Franco's Female Domination Art can view some feisty ladies and unlucky lads at JockSpank 2 by CLICKING HERE

Wednesday, 28 September 2016

Bad-Lads: Weed Teen

This eighteen year old has been caught smoking weed for a second time and Daddy C is not happy.

Preview video

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BBFC: Meet Jeff


Jeff came to BBFC for the first time the other day and he bought with him not only attitude but beer as well. Not the best way to make an impression. He soon finds out what the price for drinking when he should be trying to impress the boss is.

He is soon OTK and getting a spanking. He pleads and whimpers as he gets the first ever spanking of his life. Lets see if it makes a difference to his attitude.

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Tuesday, 27 September 2016

Chad on The Bench

Chad is a fit, hung 21-year-old college boy who loves surfing and skateboarding. He's back for another hard spanking. He went over Tom's knee in his first spanking (a position that you'll learn at the end of this video was a complete surprise to him), and this time, after a brief and interesting interview he's strapped to Tom's spanking bench and then ends up back over Tom's knee

Chad did not know he'd be restrained to a bench for this video. But, as you'll learn from the question and answer session, he was expecting the unexpected.

Once he's firmly strapped down, Tom gives Chad a long and harsh spanking with his hand and a number of implements. He uses riding crops, an electric paddle, wooden spoon, leather strap, large leather slapper, large wooden paddle, two rulers (the first cracks) and a Wartenberg wheel.

Video Preview


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Monday, 26 September 2016

BBFC: From Park to Paddle


David is sitting in the park reading a book and oblivious to the time. This is not good as he knows the price of tardiness. When he is home he is naked and OTK and getting a taste of the leather paddle. His struggles and moans are the price he has to pay, and what a great ass he has to pay his debts. A super little clip for all David fans .

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Sunday, 25 September 2016

MancSpank: Caught


A cute naughty cheeky brat cant stop playing with his dick no matter how hard dad spanks and belts him, then had the nerve to ask for more !!!!!! 

Then to make matters worse, he smokes in the house after school - this brat never learns

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Saturday, 24 September 2016

BBFC: David - Oh Dear!

Cal is furious that David has been wearing his clothes again, not just wearing them but making them out of shape. cal is so mad that he is prepared when he confronts the guy, a brush in his back pocket. OTK in a flash and David is getting a spanking he will remember for sometime.

Cal is great with the brush - he has had it a few times and knows just how to use it for best effect. Soon David's bare ass is getting a taste of Cal's ire. The squirming and struggling do no good as Cal is determined to make sure this is the last time his clothes are worn. A super clip with a hot top and a super little smooth ass bottom.





This update is at Clips4sale and will be on the BBFC site later today
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