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Tuesday, 6 September 2016

Sting: The Birching Block (Part 6)

The sturdy birching block has been set out yet again to support, in a good position, those miscreant young pupils who have flouted the rules. Strip Sir!... and go down! will be the last words they hear before discipline with a soaked whippy birch is laid on. Part of a public college education all designed to supremely educate the sons of gentlemen.

Standing before the Headmaster is Hugh Pittman (James Holt) He is head boy of Drake house and a well respected senior amongst the other boys. However having seen fit to take the staff car for a spin he's got himself in to hot water. The Headmaster is always keen to make sure the lads educational records are not blemished so orders him to be birched.

His Housemster, Mr Volny will lay on the punishment and several fresh birches have been supplied by the bursar. The bold prefect Pittman will 'go down' and surely regret his actions! 

The scorching damp birch twigs will cut their painful message into his rounded muscular bare bottom. 

It's later though, after lights out, that his burning backside will be well warmed again. The Housemaster is furious that the head boy of his house has let the side down. He will be soundly spanked like a junior and on top of his already well striped bare bottom.

A younger lad had also been making more trouble than is worth tolerating. Josh Granger (Robin Palmer) a very cheeky sixth former has been causing mayhem in the dorm after lights out.

  The Headmaster has come to the end of his patience. Perhaps a taste of the birch from his own Housemaster might make the lad behave a bit better.
His Housemaster Mr Sharpe (Marco) wastes no time in ordering the boy to kneel on the block. Young Josh will get his first birching. 

The first stroke doesn't seem too bad but as the punishment gets going the boy can feel his bare bottom become more fiery at each cut! This thing really stings and its getting worse but all he can do is stay down and take it.

His smooth rounded bare bottom is glowing red now, the biting twigs making their painful pattern on his naked posterior. 

However like Mr. Volny this Housemaster too likes to back up the discipline with a spanking! 

Poor Granger will now have to go over the knee and feel the powerful stinging flat of his Houmaster's hard hand on his very sore and well birched bottom!!

Robin Palmer plays Granger



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  2. A remarkable addition to an already stupendous series! Keep up the good work!

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    1. Thanks Bastinado Boy, that is a good movie, and Robin does take on hell of a spanking, however, I would just mention that "Don't Cross Claudia" is one of the new Sting CFNM movies, featuring young guys spanked by women

  4. Sting can be very hard hitting, there sure is no way out for these guys only gets better.