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Sunday, 18 September 2016

Sting: The Borstal 5 (Part 1 of 2)


Discipline at Rainsford Borstal is strictly maintained, with a zero-tolerance approach to bullying of any sort. There are always some young inmates who need to be reminded of that, however, and it’s not long before Granger (Darren) joins their ranks.

In a bad mood after being put on cleaning duties, he decides to take it out on another inmate doing craft work in the workshop.

His senior officer, Mr Sharpe, has never been one to tolerate bullies, and sends Granger off to fetch the willow birch. As the victim of the assault looks on, Mr Sharpe orders Granger to strip off his shorts and pants and bend over the workshop stool. He is going to get a good stinging whipping in full view of his victim.

The willow birch is a painful and very effective instrument of discipline, and Granger can only gasp as the instrument cuts painfully into his well rounded, muscular bare bottom. And that's just the first part of his punishment. An example had to be made here that other would-be bullies will take note of and remember in the future.

Granger is then ordered to kneel on the stool. On top of the burning stripes left by the willow birch, a good spanking will now be laid on. The strapping young lad feels humiliated enough with his victim looking on, but now he must push out his bare backside for further punishment. He is certainly not having the last laugh this time.


Video Preview

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  1. Darren is beautiful.

  2. Yip, Darren looks good - reminds me of getting lickin's from my old man - the 3 switches bound together sure was sore - he also believed in "double the punishment" i.e the switches might be the "main course" but the strop was "dessert"!! LOL