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Saturday, 10 September 2016

Sting Classic: Discipline Diary 1908

 The latest Sting Classic is Discipline Diary 1908
At Carnfield Institute Colonel Lee's diary entries follow the misfortunes of several inmates.

First it is Harris who receives a firm hand spanking for insubordination, richly deserved in the eyes of the Colonel.

Next are two know trouble makers Jamison (Sebastian) and Markey (James Bruce) again for their mischeavous behaviour. Spanking, feaging and salt water birching are employed by Mr Steerforth and the Colonel to amend their wayward attitudes. 

And leave a lasting sting

Monday 17th August see's the Colonel giving trustee senior lad Passmore (Dexter) the job of punishing Daniel Smith (Jared Brookes) He wastes no time in administering a good spanking and stinging session with the tawse for good measure. 

Daniel Smith, will think again before breaking the rules. 

The final entry in the diary concerns Passmore himself. In his position of trust he has risen above himself and disgraced the institution. Not too senior to be punished and to set an example to the other boy's he is dealt with privately but servery by Mr Steeforth.

Passmore recieves a long hand spanking and 24 cuts of the cane well laid on. Yet another entry in the Discipline Diary for 1908

For the next three weeks, a full sized copy of the trailer can be downloaded from SendSpace by CLICKING HERE


Links are provided below out of respect for Sting's intellectual property rights



  1. Young James was a cute little fella. These Sting classics are so well made they wouldn't be out of place on TV.

  2. what is feaguing? does it just cause a stinging senstaion?

    1. feaguing, also known as "figging" or "Gingering" involves placing either a peeled clove or raw ginger root, or, as in this case, liquid ginger essence into the rectum, it causes a stinging sensation, and causes the unlucky recipient to involuntarily raise their bottom.

      In the 18th Century feaguing was used on horses on ceremonial occasions, as it made them lift their tails. However, it is also used in the punishment of humans, as it causes discomfort and humiliation.

  3. Any lads in the U.K., need their bare butts caned and featured?

  4. Hi Bruce
    Thanks for explaining about feaguing. Does this still happen? I would like to experience it is if does!

    1. It is still a feature of BDSM sex play, I don't believe it is a part of corporal punishment, certainly not anywhere in the West. It could be something you might try with a consenting partner, ginger is quite cheap to buy.

      However, be warned, I am told it stings, and, of course there are always risks in inserting objects into body orifices.

  5. Thanks again and it would be great to see more pics and videos that include this!

    1. There is a link to movies which feature figging in the right hand column of this blog. They are mostly from Sting. Here is the link:

  6. More figgings in newer videos, please!

    1. I have spoken to Sting, who were pleased to confirm that one unfortunate lad will be feeling a warm sensation in his most tender part very soon!!

    2. I love ginger biscuits.