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Thursday, 22 September 2016

Sting: Un, Deux, Trois - Douleur (One, Two, Three - Pain) Part 1


The day he drank too much red wine and took the family car for a spin and crashed it was the start of a three way punishment young Robin would not forget.

Just lately he had certainly become un garçon très vilain. It was time to put a stop to his antics before it got further out of hand. The family car was an important part of their transport. 
One of the French ways to punish a wayward boy is of course with fresh nettles. So it transpired that a three way application of discipline by the family for young Robin would now take place!

First his Grand frère Marco would march him to the woods and birch his bare bottom with some freshly picked mature stingers. This is not a good way to start, well for Robin anyway and even trying to cool your burning backside in the stream will not be enough to lessen the effect of receiving a good spanking from his Oncle, the next stop!

He has no good explanation for his misdemeanour's so his Oncle wastes no time in putting him across his knee. The redness and uncomfortable sting from the nettles is still there.

Now fully awoken, his bare bottom is scorching again made even worse by the toxins from those pesky nettles! Now he is ordered to strip completely and go to see his Grand-père.

Unlucky Robin is about to get his third spanking .......!! 


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  1. Dream boy Robin shares his exquisite body and pain in this one-of-the-best-ever Sting picture. The use of stinging nettles is magnificent. Rapidly brought inside and walloped by hand gives Robin the unforgettable hurt that we all want to see him get. The flannel shirt and blue socks add to the fabulous buffet on our screen as we watch in awe. Definite magic created here. The best, most handsome Sting model ever, in a severe pain ordeal that Robin and us viewers will never forget! From the drunken auto crash to Robin soothing his gorgeous butt in a mountain stream, one hell of show! Making my dreams come true. Next, please use lots of hot chili oil on Robin and then a hard, rapid fire paddling, please!

  2. Absolutely brilliant another winner from this remarkable studio. Been taking Sting films since the days of VHS! Not sure how old they are but its got to be over twenty years now.