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Friday, 23 September 2016

Sting: Un, Deux, Trois - Douleur (One, Two, Three - Pain) Part 2

The second set of pictures from One Two Three, Pain!
Starring Robin Palmer

After already receiving a nettle birching and a good spanking young Robin has been sent to see his Grand-père.

He's been in this position before but when he was much younger. He knows he's going to get another spanking and it'll be just as intense as the last one. 

However he also knows its likely his Grand Papa will use his carpet slipper which stings like hell. This now on his poor bare bottom that has just had to absorb stinging nettles and a previous hard spanking. 

It has really is not his best day but taking that car again until he can drive legally is never going to happen!

For the next three weeks a full sized, high definition, version of the trailer can be downloaded from SendSpace, by CLICKING HERE


Links are provided below out of respect for Sting's intellectual property rights




  1. Love the final scene, where Robbie speaks to the camera. He is so handsome and natural

  2. Young Robin is just about the best thing to happen to Sting since Aaron Alton was being laid over various knees! With those youthful, handsome, boyish looks and that small, pert, cheeky, incredibly spankable bottom that colours up so well when he is disciplined, I really hope he's going to be around for a good long while yet! For the future, is there any chance of a scenario where he gets smacked in a pair of coloured briefs?

  3. He should have been caned hard on the bare bottom.

  4. Ah the nettle treatment just what the doctor ordered. Very good indeed.

  5. agree with nathan he needs a sound caning on the bare