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Tuesday, 18 October 2016

Looking Back at Filmco UPDATED

Another trip back to the 1990's for more images from the Spanking Master series


Thanks to the artist Copper for providing the following information about these pictures

These pictures are from Filmco, but this scene was not part of The Spanking Master series.  It was from a video called "Spank Your Buddy" produced in 1988. The video had four short stories, and the photos you posted are from the story titled "A Hard Lesson."  Hal Roth, the producer, stopped making videos in the mid-90's and sold his catalog of films to Bacchus Releasing. Most of them are still available at TLAvideo - although when I checked, "Spank Your Buddy" was not listed.  It is available in VOD format at

Finally, a warning for anyone thinking about buying it:  "Spank Your Buddy" is a silent movie that was shot on 8mm film.  To market it in video format, Hal added a really poorly dubbed soundtrack that is laughable at best- and quite distracting.  Also, to show how things have changed when it was released, the going price for the video on VHS was $79.98 plus postage!

Some of these have been posted before, but are buried deep in the archives, and deserve a second look.

Links are provided out of respect for Filmco's intellectual property rights


Filmco no longer make male spanking films, and these classic films can not be difficult to track down. However, if you look hard enough, they are still available on various sites, mostly as parts of Spanking compilations. TLA appear to still have the whole set however, mostly as part of large compilations: HERE


  1. Must admit this is the first time I have ever seen a spanking with a curling iron! (or similar brush).

  2. That last picture... woo. Nothing sexier than having a man over your knee and grabbing his nuts to keep him in place and show him who's in charge. I wish more spanking studios would start doing this. I know a lot of the classic Filmco/Bacchus videos do it, and hits all the right spots for me.