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Wednesday, 12 October 2016

Sting: Backfired

Training at the 12th Field Cavalry Regiment is geared towards transforming raw recruits into responsible soldiers and enabling them to undertake their military tasks with due precision and skill.

The recruits are both young and eager but as junior leaders, must learn the discipline required for a successful career in the Army. As a result, the training sergeants are given leeway to make sure the lads are able to move up and join the regular forces with an unblemished service record.

Two junior troopers (Robin Palmer and new Sting lad Justin Vammes) have been given the job of moving some stores. As they come to the end of the job, they notice a rifle on a work bench, waiting to be stripped down. They know very well that they shouldn't touch it, but curiosity gets the better of them and both lads decide to take a closer look. 

They fit the magazine but fail to notice that it is full of live rounds. The trigger is pulled, and the rifle goes off with a load report that echoes around the storeroom! The lads waste no time putting the weapon down and racing off.

It is not long however before they are found out. The CO is far from amused and comes to the conclusion that the matter would be best resolved directly by their training sergeant. The CO knows full well how that will pan out… or should that be tan out? At least this solution will wipe the slate clean while keeping their offence off the record.

Training officer Sgt Sharpe is of course furious that any recruits in his charge could have been so stupid, especially with a dangerous weapon that should have been left well alone.

Yes, their punishment can be off the record and yes, they can get it over and done with there and then but the retribution will be no easy option – he will make sure of that! 

For both lads it will mean a good junior-ranks spanking with their shorts off, administered over the knee on their bare bottoms ...

followed by a scorching dose of the old army strap.

The rifle shot will not be the only loud cracking sound heard ringing round the storeroom walls that day!

Introducing Justin Vammes

Another spanking for Robin!

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  1. Very enjoyable movie, both guys are hot and take a hard punishment. Also really like the ending, which was different.

    Sting remain at the top of their game

  2. Once I've scanned all the spanking on sofa's, lounges and in back bedrooms I get to Sting and something just a bit different. Thank you Sting.