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Wednesday, 16 November 2016

20 year old Artemka's Hand Spanking


Artemka is a muscular working-class guy from Belarus, who was never been spanked before. He's a newcomer and his muscular ass will first time meet the pain, first from the hand of the Master. He's strips and lays over the Master's knee.

The Master holds him by the hair and the guy tries to show us that he's a man and he will not groan during the hand spanking. But for the Master it's a big passion to make a straight guy, who was never spanked before, moan and to cry.

Aryemka's sexy ass becomes red after the long hand spanking in different position and it was a very curious experience for this young Belarus guy - he was punished like a young unruly boy and after the spanking he kneel as an additional punishment.

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  1. GreT illustration. Of a good hand spanking - the fact he is Compltely naked makes it even betters.

  2. Please stop posting stuff from this studio! There stuff is way too extreme and your supporting it and endorsing it by posting his content and links to your blog. Do you honestly think these guys enjoy being beat until there body seeps blood or getting spanked again on an already badly bruised body? We're humam beings and this isn't respect when you do this to another human being. I like a hard spanking but this is just taking it too far.

    You should do your research before you put your blogs name to a studio like this I know I would. This studio and No Mercy for Men are no different from Discipline4Boys and that studio was up in court for there work. Although you post pictures which are not that extreme you still provide them with an outlet to sell there content and further encourage it.

    Not a good idea.


  3. Oh to further that you even have to put a warning on your blog if they isn't bad then what is?

  4. Thank you for your feedback Luke, which we do respect and value. We do fully acknowledge that this studio does feature material which is more extreme than we usually feature on JockSpank, and I confirm that we will neve feature examples of that side of their output.

    That is why we always include a content warning when posting their material. We do not actively endorse that content, in the same way that movie web sites do not endorse the content of some of the adult horror movies they may review.

    We have had long discussions with the owners of this studio, who have reassured us that all activity is consensual and features adult performers. They also have a first amendment right to their self expression.

    However, we are listening to complaints, of which yours is the first, and will continue to monitor the situation.

    Please be assured that we will never feature content which breaches Bloggers terms of use or which is likely to offend our visitors.



    1. You cannot compare mainstream horror movies to this. This is poor guys getting paid to be beat and tortured of course they're going to agree they getting paid for it in a poor country.

      You are completely missing the point of what I'm actually saying why do you feel the need to say that these are consensual adults? This is about the blog owners supporting this content... you say that you do not endorse nor encourage this but you do by posting this you are endorsing it you are supporting it you doing just that... All I get from your reply is a safe comment trying to protect yourself from Google I'm not on about Google I'm on about this content you post.

      You would never post content that would offened your visitors...

      Listen up people... If you knew those guys personally you'd be very upset to see what they have to do to survive and get by taking stuff up this extreme to get a bit of money in there pockets the porn industry is not all good and there's studios like this that extremely cause damage to people. You defending them is wrong on many levels.

      I enjoy a good hard old fashioned spanking but when you're hitting People with wires and causing cuts and blood...blood! Then something is wrong.

      ... Of course the owners of the studio will tell you what they want you to hear of course they're not going to say anything against their own studio that's just common sense.

      There is spanking then there is torture. Maybe if you knew these guys on a personal level you wouldn't be so happy to post this stuff. I'm not saying that all their content is bad because it's not but a lot of it is disgusting. I'm sure these guys are in a lot of pain after this oh boy I get there ribs and poor backs hurt oh and when they get in the bath I'm sure they will feel it then.

      If this content is so good why was D4B shut down! They was not shut down for baking cakes and putting little fairies on top that's for sure.


  5. Luke its ur opinion and I don't care att all. I like russian spanking style and models are str8 so some men like me likes to watch str8 guys being spanked by a guy, if u dont like it or u think its too hard just stop watching this! :)

    1. Let's get one thing straight this isn't straight guys getting "spanked" this is guys being tortured for money take a look around this blog you will see it's about spanking not tourtre I like hard spanking this isn't spanking sonny jim!

      You don't care about my opinion menas nothing because you have 0 respect for human life.

    2. haha funny man :) USA is so rich and some spank studios are based in the US and so? they doing it for what? for MONEY! green american dollars :) so stop saying about poor country and they suffering, they are old enough to decide what they do and u cant ban this site on jockspank for everyone because u dont like it

  6. a spanking - beating. Is t. Suppose to be a walk in the park. - in this video he gets it good as he should. -iLiked the fact haws Compltely bare from state to finish. This way it should be all the time cloth of any kind impede the process. - I can,I've. With it starting in gym shorts or jockeys. However when it starts naked there isn't any short cutscenes Using various positions. Gives everything flexibility.

  7. Will commentators please try to remain civil and treat each other with respect, or I will have to close comments on this topic.


  8. I don't thibk the people who run this blog think it's appealing. I rest my case most American sites don't beat the guys until they seep blood... Fact! Russia is a poor country

  9. Thanks for all your comments, however, as everyone has now had their say, and the discussion has turned argumentative, I am closing this thread,